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Adwaita Dark for XFWM4 [consistent with v3.30]

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Nov 30 2018
The light theme is almost done. Just a few extra buttons are remaining - like sticky window, menu button etc. Will update when it's done. - Feb 22 2019
It's fine, I don't think it makes sense to makes this theme default. The default XFWM theme is much more complex - it covers all color schemes and DPI settings. Mine is a mere replica of another theme. Those who want to use it will install it. ;) It's better this way. - Feb 21 2019
Thanks, glad you liked it. I'll make a light theme variant and let you know when it's done. - Feb 06 2019
I have made a smaller version too. The link is in the description - - Feb 06 2019
1. Set Adwaita-dark as your GTK theme: Settings Manager > Appearance > Adwaita-dark.

2. Use this window manager theme: Settings Manager > Window Manager > Adwaita-dark-xfwm4 - Nov 30 2018
Adwaita-Dark-Compact for XFWM4

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Dec 01 2018
That's how GNOME Adwaita is - you can confirm it on GTK3 (CSD) apps. I replicated that theme point-by-point, in order to make it look consistent. - Feb 06 2019
Compared the two files, and yep, I see what you mean. There's definitely a bit of inconsistency there.

If you have the fixed xpm files, would it be possible for you to create a pull request on gitlab? I'll merge it and push out a new version here. Thanks! - Jan 24 2019
Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

The maximize/unmaximize buttons are the same deliberately -- in order to be consistent with the latest GNOME Adwaita-dark. Native GNOME buttons and XFWM buttons won't look the same if I changed that behaviour.

About the corners:
XFWM doesn't seem to support transparency in XPM files, and that's what is causing the jaggedness. I read somewhere that this can be mitigated by adding another PNG file which will be overlaid on top of XPM, and also supports transparency.

I'll look into it and push out a new version with the corners fixed. - Jan 23 2019
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :) - Dec 02 2018