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xavier helluy Gerbrunn, Germany

>Dou you thing about some cooperation with project KAT:

Yes, of course. We try to cooperate. But it is a bit difficult when main kat-developer want you to cooperate on kat without daring to give a try at your own software :-(

> I know, there are slight differences in project aims, but they have (can have) much in common!

Seeing how kat is evolving, they have more and more in common, but kat code base is evolving faster for now, converging in many points to what kio-clucene wants and try to do from the begining.

Whatever, we are in discussion with reusing the kio-clucene framework for the kat-kioslave framework too. It is just that I had no time to try to make this happends.

> What about create common pluggble interface for extracting texts and metainfo from documents!? Then we can use there plugins in both project

Yes, this would be good. I am sure it is already possible, with minor work to reuse the text-extraction kat-code for other projects.

cheers and thanks for asking. I will update the kioclucene soon. It is quite out of date now :-( - Sep 01 2005
It seems to work for me. I get redirected to the sourceforge website - Sep 01 2005

Education Apps by mimec 22 comments

4000x4000 to go away ! that is great news.

I am very happy too, to read you are still working on the app and especially putting it on kde svn repository. :-)

I don't know either how to integrate with kde/krita in order to get more functionality. My idea is about implementing something like using krita. I will ask the krita guys how they would do that (I don't claim I will do it :-( ).

deep zooming - not sure what do you mean. It is about arbitray precision calculation (very slow, but allow to see "new fractal worlds")

happy day. - Jul 11 2005

Education Apps by mimec 22 comments

Fraqtive is really impressive.

Do you have something like a list of features you plan to implement ? Or do you consider the programm as finished ?
- Is there a place to report bugs/wishes or talk about fraqtive ?
- Could one save/bookmark fractals parameters ?
-Could one imagine a kind of krita plugin to make use of its layers capabilities ?
- Could deep zooming be compatible with your fast drawing algorithms ?
- why is there a limit to ca 4000x4000 png ?
I am just getting very curious I know. ;-)

again thank you for your app. - Jul 09 2005

Education Apps by mimec 22 comments

I like it so much. Thanks for such a great product. - Jul 05 2005

Education Apps by mimec 22 comments

wohao! I like it very much
thanks for a great app. - Jul 04 2005
The indexing of the text of images or scanned documents is supported, using the optical recognition program gocr. - Jun 14 2005
see the first video showing kio-clucene in action at - Jun 14 2005

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looks nice :-). do you think your fast meshing of isosurfaces could be added to kpovmodeler. It is a great app with a very intuitive interface to build povray scenes, but the 3d pre-rendering of objects would welcome help of people like you. Just a guess, I am not the programmer of kpovmodeler. Just a user. - Jun 11 2005
I must tell the truth: if you do give feedback on the apps (not the build process) then you will be the first one to do so. this mean you will become very famous. ;-)

ciao - Jun 04 2005
I'll stay tuned :-) - Jun 04 2005
thanks tn ;-)

It seems kio-clucene is close to compile for most people now. I've added a scons check for the existence of the clucene-debug header and I've got some verys nice feedback about some more headers missing. I'll try to ask the clucene people to fix the debug-header problems too.
All in all I think it's going on better tracks thanks to scons. Adding dependency-checks is almost fun now - Jun 02 2005
Hi Zammi,
I don't get it. :-(
All ksocketdevice stuff should have been removed ! :-(
I look at the problem right now

thanks (sorry for troubles) - Jun 02 2005

This is due to how you compiled and installed clucene-0.8.13.

If you don't run automake and autoconf before configure, then the directory (assuming you install with prefix=/usr/local): /usr/local/include/CLucene/debug/
will not be created and the header /usr/local/include/CLucene/debug/condition.h
will not be found.

You _must_ reinstall clucene-0.8.13. See

Or you must edit the header
and delete the lines referencing the useless debug directory. If I remember, this does the job.

Can you let me know if it solves your problem ? - Jun 01 2005
hum, I am not sure you did it the right way; maybe I am wrong, so excuse me if I sound like repeating the evidence to you.
But it seems to me that you have tried to recompile the kio-clucene-0.0.2 package.
The problem is that you must install/reinstall the package clucene-0.8.13.tgz before doing that.
On Suse 9.3, I know that you will be told to run aclocal before automake, because of the automake version used for clucene.
I know, it's no fun. But let me know if you try again.
cu ;-) - May 20 2005
Sorry, I didn't looked closely at the compile error.
I have got this problem already. It is a clucene-0.8.13 issue.
If I am right, the problem here is that the package requires you to run automake and then autoconf before building clucene-0.8.13.
The easiest solution is to reinstall clucene:
>>./configure --prefix=/usr/local
>>make install
If you do that manually, then clucene should install correctly and then the compilation of kio-clucene should go on.

Sorry for the trouble. - May 20 2005
ok thanks.
May I ask which distro you are using ? - May 20 2005
Hello, thanks for reporting the problem. Could you mail me the compiler output ? - May 12 2005
Thanks for your advices. Well, the indexer-config-dialog is complex, but you speak about the search dialog I guess.
I have to see this Outlook dialog. But when you start the search-dialog, you would only see one search-field. You can add more fields as you wish. So the GUI is not complex per se. But it might be complex to use. I see your point...
As for the searchbar, kio-clucene allows you to enter the query directly in the url-bar. So you should feel at home here. And just setup the default webshortcut to be clucene, and what ever you enter will be a query, if not a url. One could create shortcuts like "cl" "clall" "clpath" "climages". This is for experts of course.

- May 09 2005
You are right: integration must be.
kio-clucene is more on the prototype level so far.
Many many programs probably do a better job at detecting files to index than kclucene-indexed-daemon does. But not only kat. Don't forget:
- cdcat (mount/automount options)
- katalog
and there are others: kdirstat could be turned into a nice indexing app,...
I have focussed on the user-interaction with the query-ioslave, and not on the interaction with the indexes themselves. With kio-clucene apps, you can't even display a treeview of the files inside the indexes, what all the other apps can do.
The search dialog is a standalone app and could be used (after code cleaning) by who ever needs such a search-dialog. If clucene development goes forward, clucene-indexes will be compatible with latest Lucene indexes used by beagle. So integration would be there too.
Query-hits are returned to konqueror or to the file-dialog. The display of the results could look much better, but this should be done on the kdelibs-side. The icon-view/listview is perhaps a bit old fashion today. One would like to see more sorting according to the file types found (mail/images/sound,...). This calls for a new kpart. But how to enable it in the openfile dialog ? kde 4 ?
The same, if I want to display the "best matching sentences" of a matching document, How can I do with a iconView ? Difficult. I will try to make each result a directory containing the matching sentences as files. It will integrate nicely, but might be a bit on the hack side.

Kat is creating text-ioslave. This looks very promising and it is already available to any kde-programmer. So this really helps everybody.
Another missing family of ioslaves, would be ioslaves able to return files included into other files: think at a Mail document. I would like to index the attached files too. The same, I would like to preview all images attached to a kword doc, a pdf... The latest is possible for office documents (oo, koffice )with kio-clucene because kword docs are consiedered to be simple zip-archives. But this is just a hack. I hope to get mail-indexing ready soon thanks to mhonarc, but real ioslaves would be nice.
And one should be able to index tellico databases, digikamtags,...

So there is still so much work to do. I've never been programming gui-apps before and I must find a job.
Happy sunday. - May 08 2005