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Ambiance DS BlueSB12

GTK3/4 Themes by pete333 85 comments

Its a great theme, one of the bests I could find (for dark settings). I use it on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 (gnome 3.18). Beside some (minor) issues, its very usefull
Unfortunatelly I haven't had contact with gtk theming, I'd fix these myself if I knew how. Is there a git repo where I could contribute ?

So, these would be the issues that I've discovered :
- no window borders
Because of this, apps can't be resized by dragging the window border. I fixed the adding the following code to gtk.css but there's still no visible border. This is the most serious inconvenient since all other elements (window buttons, scrollbars, text, ...) have they're margins at the window's margin. It looks like something's missing.
Also it makes it difficult to distinguish the active window when 2 windows (with transparent background) overlap.

.window-frame {
box-shadow: none;
margin: 3;

- the window buttons look nothing alike in whats in the preview image. They're squared (still, they look beautiful).

- the menus in gtk3 apps are not transparent. Gnome-shell menus are transparent.

- there is no visual indication for mouseover events in vertical lists (like nautilus's Places) and tabs

- tooltips (light blue font on transparent background) are barely visible if they're hovering above white text

Thanks a lot for this awesome theme :)
- Dec 27 2016