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Christian Stake , Germany

Network by deuteros 113 comments

Hiho :D

Thx for your work! It is an extreme fast release followring ;)

Nice to see that is only download, compilke and use! THX! This app should be the offical KDE App for Dropbox ! Did you ask the Dropbox guys to link to your App? Maybe they take your work for the official dropbox kde client? I worked for them and send many Bug reports, after that i got the premium acc for one year for free ;)

But i miss 2 Features... First the german translation...Should i make one for the next release?

And did you plan to implermentate KNetworkmanager in this app? Cause i use on my ArchLinux and Asus EEE the Networkmanager and its connecting a little bit slow. So i have to start kdropbox manaually?


best wishes from germany - May 30 2010

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Hiho :D

Thx for your work!
But did you will support the CherrySMS Service it sent sms for 2,5€/Cent and is extreme popular in germany...

Thx and best wishes from hamburg / germany - May 30 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

Hi ;)

Ok tommorow i will sent you my langfile ;)

Did i can donate for your work? There is no PayPal Button?

Can you tell me your next plans for kdropbox?

best wishes from germany - May 17 2010

Network by deuteros 113 comments

Hi ;)

Thx for your work this is truely the best KDE/QT in 2010 for me! It works and since i discovered that app, i am "gtk libs" free! THX for that and keep going on!

Did you need a german translation for that? - May 17 2010
Snow Road

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I promise in March 2010 i will take this photo only for you :D :P - Jan 30 2010
Hard colt but cool Winter

Wallpaper Other by TripGermany 3 comments

Thx ;) Nice to hear that you like it! Let me know waht i can do better next time ;) - Jan 30 2010