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Trian Karayiannis

KDE 3.5 Themes 148 comments

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Apr 19 2004
I'd be installing it straight away except for one thing.

Would it be difficult to add an option (or make another version if not) that is more flat? In the sense that menubars (maybe) and all toolbar buttons, except pressed ones, are flat.


Trian - Apr 30 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes 1262 comments

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Sep 10 2006
Very good work, but it could be nicer if we had an option where the toolbar buttons are flat by default and become 'blobby' only when we hover over them.

If it's easy, of course (warning: person unfamiliar with the KDE api & stuff.)

Thanks, :-)

Trian - Nov 16 2003
...and the window decoration we see on the screenshot, I'd be a happy man :-)

The window icons don't look that good on it. (raise them a bit and they could use a bit of a shadow. There is OSK and another one out there for examples).

Otherwise, very nice work. Keep it up. :-)

Trian - Nov 06 2003
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 103 comments

by epoch
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Apr 08 2004
One is it always starts in a horizontal configuration. I click to configure, it sees it must display classic-style (2x2), click ok and it's there.

Another is that it doesn't always grab all the windows on the desktop. A shade-unshade of the said window usually solves this.

Otherwise, great stuff.


Trian - Sep 04 2003
...if only I could somehow add assign this to the middle-click button when I click the desktop, that'd be very cunnning.

(how often do you wade through the list that currently pops up, anyway?)

It'd be much quicker if we had a popup list at our beck and call instead. Coz we track an image much faster than some text in a list.

Just a thought...


(I wish I could code this up. Sometime...) (wishes...) - Aug 23 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 233 comments

by ceebx
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Oct 17 2003
Just installed 0.3.

Man, now it's difficult to choose. Plastik or knifty for window decor?

Can I make a request that applies to both?

To add a choice where only the active title bar's text is shadowed.


Trian - Aug 26 2003
I should have said:
"play with the border contrast and width(?)"... - Aug 24 2003
Still, if you could add one thing, that'd be even better:

I don't know if it's in your power to control the recession of the task bar. If you could make it flat, that'd be smashing (well, probably roll a more flat version of plastik -otherwise keep it like that! It's top notch).

You could try making a version of plastik with almost flat buttons (and just play with the border contrast for visibility) ?

Good work man! You seem to dominate my desktop. Knifty, plastik. Any icon set in the works? ;-)


PS. I ask because I saw it done on thin keramic, which otherwise didn't like as much. But it's something I've always wanted. - Aug 24 2003

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 100 comments

by ceebx
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Aug 24 2003
Is it just me or has anybody else seen this?

I'm running version 0.3.2 and whenever I change a setting (eg. title-bar colour) or select a different window decoration and select knifty back again, when it 'takes over', it thinks there's already a window with the same exact name somewhere.

Hence, it adds the <2> to the title of each and every window open, when it shouldn't.

Otherwise, top notch work mate! Keep it up!

Trian - Aug 20 2003
XaraK - Sneak Preview

Icon Sub-Sets 28 comments

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May 19 2003
PS, having re-read my post, I have to make clear I don't take credit for the 'resizeall' script I mentioned above. I downloaded it off the net and I just posted a couple of lines of it.

have fun,

Trian - Aug 17 2003
I'll disagree about that you need to manually make versions for all sizes. I'd do the 128x128 ones (or maybe just the 64x64) and then use a perl script to downsize everything. Maybe it's not the best approach quality-wise, but if there are any differences here and there, it still saves lots of hassle.

meriksson: this is PDG work (Pretty Damn Good). Keep it up man. I'd be happy to contribute (ex graphics designer) if you wanted any help, but my hands are tied until mid-September.

If you're interested, I once used a perl script for this sort of thing (no 22x22 on icosx). It needs ImageMagick installed. The basic no-checks version is:

$size = "22x22"
for (<*.png>) {
  system "convert -resize $size $_ $_";

do a search for a 'resizeall' perl script and you'll find it.

Trian - Aug 17 2003
elmo II

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 35 comments

by elmo
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Dec 16 2002
As said, I agree. I'd also say quite on the contrary, it was when I first saw XP, that I thought "Hey, micro-soft has finally woken up and now they're copying from KDE".

So, next time you start bashing kde etc. for copying m$, do your homework first. :-)

- Dec 17 2002