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tiziano portenier
Linux OR Xp

KDE Plasma Screenshots by mdshreenath 5 comments

it is interesting how different kde can look. but i have to say that i'm not a fan of microsoft products and neither should you. but anyway,i am a linux fan and i like kde, but i think kde should look inimitably, for example the really felicitous keramik-theme. there are several things like shadowed windows/menus which look great and which we should port to kde. but it is a joke to port a whole windows-, or mac-osx-look to kde. again, kde should look inimitably.

greetings, tizz - Oct 07 2003
ah, how I wish you were here

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 11 comments

i like the image, it's a really sweet tux pic. i installed it immediately


tizz - Oct 07 2003
KDE NIN splash screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by sandman 6 comments

i do not likek that splash screen, i think it is VERY subjective and if you don't like it very much you absolutly don't like it...

greetings, objective it is shure a good work - Oct 07 2003
Aqua Icons Modified

Icon Sub-Sets by snakattak3 10 comments

just a short question:

what a gkrellm-theme do you use?
wich version of gkrellm is it (gtk1/gtk2)?

thx a lot - Aug 07 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

you have to install the following package:


for problems like this, try:

$ urpmf glu.h

the result is something like this:


(urpmf is comfortable to find out, from which package a file comes from)

greetings... tizz - Jun 13 2003