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Thomas Fante , United States of America

Chat & Messenging by bbalazs 3 comments

Is this program meant for multi-way char or just one-on-one chat? I ask because I set up a test scenario with 3 qSslChats where one was a server, and 2 clients told to connect to it.

The first client to connect could chat back and forth fine, until the 2nd client connected. As soon as the second client connected, the first client was not disconnected, but the only messages seen on the server machine were the ones from the 2nd client.

Trying this out with 3 clients yielded the same results, where the first 2 clients' messages did not show up on the server, but they were not disconnected and the 3rd client to connect could chat fine with them. - May 11 2009

Chat & Messenging by bbalazs 3 comments

Built it and it works great! - May 10 2009
Online spell check editor

Qt Widgets by sunderme 12 comments

Thanks, this widget was just was I was looking for as an example of adding spell checking to a QTextEdit. - Dec 17 2008
True transparency for Konsole

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by TheNacho 41 comments

I have the same error as you do. One thing I notice is that I am using compiz, not beryl. - Nov 18 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by tipote 67 comments

Thanks for this very useful app.

I was runinng compiz on aiglx with KDE. Although the default multi-desktop software could rotate the cube when i clicked on each desktop it would not show the mini-view of the windows present on each desktop. Now finally multi-desktop switching works properly and I can see which desktops have apps running on them thanks to this plugin. - Nov 18 2006