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Metacity Themes
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

Score 82.9%
Jan 16 2013
What I need is doc on the stylerc file.

Sorry for the typo. - Feb 19 2010
I'd like to write one but I need doncon the stylerc - Feb 19 2010

Application Styles 369 comments

Score 77.8%
Jul 31 2017
Thanks, now it looks greater !

sadly, I use the package manager. Could you please add some options to integrate it in the next release, so that I don't have to redo the changes for each upgrade ?

Thanks a lot anyway. - Sep 30 2009
Your theme is really great but I see some "improvements" so...

- Normal looking progress bars (that is left to right), because fancy progress bar are beautiful but it doesn't help to view actual progress.

- Option to remove the sunken bevel around title and widgets, which I find disgraceful when using the "fill window frame" option.

That's it, the rest just gives a new definition to perfection. - Sep 25 2009

Metacity Themes 4 comments

by toxn
Score 50.0%
Jul 01 2009
Well, it's loosely based on AmigaOS 2.0+.

if you wan't an AmigaOS 1.3 theme, it can be easy to create one :) - Jul 06 2009
There's a logic for button design :
- when in normal state, the window state is represented by the dark frame whereas the light one represent the future state.
- when hovered, the light and dark frame are exchanged to represent the expected result. - May 13 2009
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

Cursors 77 comments

by pinux
Score 75.5%
Jan 11 2005
I would like it with a fedora logo.
great anyway
thanks - May 13 2009
Score 82.9%
Dec 10 2009

Application Styles
by skulptor

Score 77.8%
Sep 25 2009
Score 83.8%
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