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BeOS Icons

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Aug 29 2002
...i'm too lazy to download KDE, but I like mac OS 9-X better. Still, I thought it would be something cool to try. - Aug 30 2002
Sorry, I don't know anything about making icons for KDE. I'll try to improve. - Aug 12 2002

I don't even have KDE, I converted these on a mac. That's why I was asking if they worked. How come they worked fine for sheean. You don't have to be so sarcastic. - Aug 10 2002
..I'd love to do that for you, but these icons are from someone's Mac OS X icons and he hasn't created it yet, so...yeah. On a lighter note, does it work fine? - Aug 10 2002
Opera Crystal Icon Toolbar

Opera 3 comments

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Oct 13 2002

Sweet! I love it! It looks like XP but has a touch of Linux in it.


S - Aug 09 2002
Office icons

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Aug 07 2002
Those icons are something else! The blue and dark blue contrast is cool, too. - Aug 09 2002