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Plasma 5 Applets 22 comments

by kinta
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Nov 20 2017
Hi ! Thanks for the nice reply & the quick fix ! OK, I'll use gitlab for my next report ! I'm replying here as we began, regarding this one.
I'm actually using the default KDE theme.
Regarding the "[in]active" window status, that is to say, the fact the window title is usually (but not always) displayed even if the window is minimized or closed, do you think it's actually a bug somewhere in KDE framework -- in which case, should I file a bug ?
BTW, I noticed that with some apps, like Clementine, when minimized, sometimes, only the title is shown, global menu is empty, sometimes, both are show. (occurs when focusing / unfocusing the window several times in a row).
Finally, this applies to your plasmoid but also to the global menu plasmoid, there's a slight delay when switching windows, which give the feeling it is flickering. But in the case of "Application title" that's less distracting as the label doesn't turn blank in the meantime.
Cheers ! & thanks again. - Jul 04 2018
Hi ! Thanks for this plasmoid ! I used to use Active Window Control but I didn't manage to get it to work properly with the new global menu so I had to split and use 3 plasmoids :-) Application title on the left, the new global menu in the middle and active window control on the right, as you can see on this screenshot :

I have minor issues though (using Plasma 5.13.2, KDE Neon) :
- there's a slight white space on the left I cannot get rid of
- when the window is unfocused, the title is still displayed (but not in bold, contrary to my setting)

Cheers ! - Jul 04 2018
Active Window Control

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Jun 08 2017
I forgot to mention : using KDE Neon & get hot new stuff.
I also tried to build the GIT version from a Manjaro KDE live CD, and got the same result : the global menu doesn't appear when using AWC alone. Thanks again, cheers ! - Jul 04 2018
Hi ! Thanks a lot for this great plasmoid !
It seems it doesn't work with the new Plasma global menu, as of KDE Plasma 5.13.2 ?
Meanwhile, I use a combination of 3 applets to get an equivalent result : "application title" on the left, the new global menu in the middle, and active window controls on the right. I remember it was a bit difficult to achieve this layout before (problem with the variable width of the menu).
see : - Jul 04 2018
Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Conky 73 comments

by Whise
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May 20 2008
Hmm, it turned out the issue was in the Ubuntu PPA version. oops :) - Sep 02 2011
Hi ! Thanks a lot for this very nice screenlet !

It works mostly like a charm but I have a problem : at startup, it doesn't display the right wallpaper, but a "built-in" one that I cannot remove ("alittlemotivation.wcz").

If I reselect again in the prefs the one I want, it works... Until next reboot.

Any idea ? (the right wallpaper is always the one in the settings, but it does show "alittlemotivation" anyway for some reason)

Cheers & thanks again ! - Sep 02 2011
Lyrics screenlet

Conky 339 comments

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Mar 30 2011
Congrats for this very useful screenlet !

Just a question : is it possible to make it more discreet ? Indeed, when lyrics are not found or my audio player is not started, there is still a big icon on my desktop.

Also, for some reason, I cannot access the settings windows (tried the latest version too)

Thanks again ! - Sep 02 2011
Faenza icon theme for Kde4

Full Icon Themes 62 comments

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Sep 29 2010
Yep, an update would be most appreciated :-) This is my favorite set ATM :) - Apr 27 2011
KDE Personal Wiki

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Jun 28 2006
Hi !

I was just wondering if you were still around and considering a KDE 4 port ? A Tomboy clone for KDE would be most useful, IMHO. (even more if it could be compatible with it !)

cheers ! - Mar 16 2010

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Nov 16 2014
(also occurs with 0.72b1 d/led from the official website :-) - Feb 28 2010
Well, I installed Audex 0.71 beta 5 on Kubuntu Karmic with KDE SC 4.4.0.

It crashes instantly after defining a new profile (the new profile isn't saved).

Maybe this is already fixed as this version is from the Karmic repositories :) Otherwise, I can provide a debug log !

Cheers & thanks for this very cool app ! (is it meant to replace kaudiocdcreator ?) - Feb 28 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 35 comments

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Apr 09 2012
Hi ! First, thanks for this nice script.

I have one question though : would it be possible to add the option that used to be in the former copycover script, that set the directory icon to the cover file ?

Cheers ! - Feb 12 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 574 comments

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Jul 14 2012
First, congrats for this very nice plasmoid !

Do you plan to make it automatically display the apps that are launched, as in the taskbar ? (that is to say, the panel would "grow" depending on the number of active tasks...)

cheers ! - May 20 2009
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Apr 27 2011
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions
by holodeck

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Oct 22 2010

System Software
by hazel-dev

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Mar 16 2010

Various KDE Stuff
by murphi

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Mar 16 2010
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