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Toni Helenius , Finland
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
Thank you! Thank you! :) - Oct 05 2009
Any ETA you can give? I'm in no way associated with Kubuntu development except an anxious tester. It would be nice to give something to the dev's so that Kubuntu 9.10 would just work. This bug might appear elsewhere too...

If I understand correctly, they're not very keen on fixing bugs like these especially so late in the 9.10 development cycle. And as the bug is only on Kubuntu, not Ubuntu. It tends not to get fixed. Pardon the pessimism :)

But what do you suggest as a suggestion, wait for the new release or changing the setting as default in Kubuntu? - Oct 05 2009
I'm at work currently and can't test your suggestions.

But I know this much, the problem did not exist on Kubuntu 9.04. It does exist on the upcoming 9.10 with the defaults. Maybe you could install it on a VirtualBox and try it out. I'll try your suggestions later today! - Oct 05 2009
There is a bug in this theme that I think has a great impact on the upcoming Kubuntu 9.10! This theme renders the Linux DC++ unusable! - Oct 05 2009

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Sep 26 2008
I like this software very much! It seems Karmic will most likely ship with GRUB 2. It would be great to see this tool supporting GRUB 2 so people can use it in Karmic+!

I don't know if it is the case now..? - Jun 09 2009
KDE Partition Manager

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Sep 01 2010
Thank you! I've missed this for a long time. QTParted is plain ugly and most likely dead or at least slow on the development. I even thought of starting a KDE port and beautification of it on my own...

But thanks! I hope this will be included in Kubuntu by default in place of QTParted. - Sep 25 2008