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Anton Visser

GTK2 Themes by dashua 29 comments

The wicker wallpaper in your screenshot, is not part of the theme. Can you provide it to us? - Feb 18 2009
Raptor (Slickness remix)

GTK2 Themes by Eemo 76 comments

This is a great theme, the only issue I have is that when I am tabbing through a form in FF, I can't tell if I have tabbed onto and given focus to a select box. Is there something I am missing, or can change? - Nov 17 2008

GDM Themes by tobain 114 comments

Excellent work. This is amazing. Have you ever thought of expanding this to a full gnome theme? - Nov 04 2008

GDM Themes
by tobain

5 .8
Feb 19 2009
Dust Cold

GTK2 Themes
by ripps818

7 .2
Feb 19 2009