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Borealis Ubuntu

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Nov 07 2019
Please, could you share the wallpaper link? :-) - Aug 13 2019

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Jul 10 2019
Your theme improved a lot, I still continue using it :-)
My only suggestion is to test it also on Budgie desktop, because the issue of empty black lines in Application menu is still present. Anyhow, good job! I think it's the best theme with Ubuntu typical colour scheme :-) - Mar 25 2018
I really like your Arc-Ambiance theme, but it has an issue that lots of gtk themes have: on Ubuntu Budgie, when you type the name of an application in the menu in order to find it, empty lines are covered in black, that is a little bit annoying! See what I mean here: - Nov 20 2017

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Apr 16 2018
I really like your theme, but using Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 I see black empty lines when I search an item in the application menu (see ). In the image I have White version, but it happens with all variants. Please could you fix it? - Nov 22 2017

GTK3 Themes
by etles-team

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9   Nov 22 2017