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Michal Tokarski

Compiz Themes by arsen 17 comments

can you see your ~/.fonts.conf or /etc/fonts.conf or your gnome font settings :))

regards - Sep 28 2006
Perfect Gnome Suite

GTK2 Themes by Sekkyumu 56 comments

very cool theme ;) I have one question about icons on 1st screenshot, icons of folder are "dark" but on 2nd screenshot they are yellow. Foxtrot from have yellow icons. Can You tell me where I can find theme with dark folder icons ?

btw. Your metacity rox!

greetz :) - May 22 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by kiddo 161 comments

Could You tell me what are the names (or url's) of GTK and Metacity Themes on Your second screenshot ?? - Feb 27 2006