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arath elestar
Gnome Plain Swoosh GDM Theme V3

GDM Themes by mflaig 2 comments

Awesome theme, but download link is broken. :( - Mar 10 2007
Gnome Blue

Wallpapers Gnome by polkajunior 3 comments

Gotta say, that this one is REALLY nice, i scrolled trough fifty pages before i tumbled over a good one, yours. - Mar 10 2007
Industrial - Amber

GTK2 Themes by ptexan 1 comment

The gmail site gets kinda messed up when using this theme, thats the only negative side i could find tough, but its kinda somethign really bad for me, cause i use my gmail alot, and the text is almost imposs to see.

Else its great. Thumbs up - Mar 10 2007
Pixel Girl

GDM Themes by fabiand 23 comments

Very good. I would use it if its not that my computer is in a room that my mom is in alot, no where else i can have my computer. Cause of the router, and i dont have wireless - Mar 10 2007
Blue turbulence

Wallpaper Other by michaelchan 8 comments

Really nice wallpaper. - Mar 06 2007
Blue Swirl

GDM Themes by darkknight9 27 comments

This theme rules. Its simple and good looking! Not to much details, or not to few details. - Mar 06 2007