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Nov 21 2007
LMMS now has free VST-support via an reverse-engineered VST-header (made by one of the LMMS-developers who also didn't sign Steinbergs license and all that) therefore things hopefully should be ok. - Sep 06 2007
ok, will note that to be done for the next release, although software like LMMS always has it's own GUI-style/color-scheme... - Feb 03 2006
there are always up to date packages available at packman, therefore you don't have to do all that work ;-) but still thanks. - Feb 03 2006
MIDI-problems? What exactly is the problem? Works fine for me and many others, may be you just didn't get the hang of MIDI-usage in LMMS ;-) - Feb 03 2006
download the files mentioned by configure and patch them. Otherwise you can just copy the includes of VST-SDK 2.x in include-dir without patching them, it works, even if configure complains (the headers only are usable with C++ but configure checks them with C, therefore it can't work) - Feb 03 2006
upgrade to 0.1.4 - Feb 02 2006
Looks very professional indeed. However one thing worries me, themeing. Does this obey the KDE defuault colour schemes and what not, or is it constantly the grey colour?
It does look nice like that but i worry about usability and not being able to change the colour scheme/theme?

LMMS is NOT a KDE-app, it uses Qt. Futhermore it uses it's own colors for looking more studio-like ;-) the color-mgm-thing is located at one place in one source-file, so you could easily change them if you don't like it...

If it's a branding issue, i think teh fact it's a KDE app using kde icons in this field is more than enough.
as already said, it's not a KDE-app and it uses it's own icons. You can replace all the icons/artwork-things in resources-dir in source-tree and thus making new themes...

Also how stable is it, because at the moment rosegarden is far too unstable for everyday use. Is this superior to rosegarden in that respect?
not really I think ;-) JACK-output seems to be buggy in this version and therefore causes segfaults... If it once runs it's ok, but especially when monkeying around with the song while playing it, there're sometimes some crashes... but they got less since last release I'm sur and stability will have highest priority for 0.1.3...

- Dec 23 2005
thanks, I already fixed that... you can download the latest version from CVS, see for details... - Oct 12 2005
you seem to have installed a different qt-version than the default one on SuSE 9.3 or took a wrong package.. this is just a linking-problem which has nothing to do with LMMS itself... - Sep 23 2005
no problem, if there's somebody out there able to write a sound-generator-plugin which uses jack/dssi-vst or whatever. I cannot make this, since I have to do enough with all the rest, so if you're interested, contact me! - Jul 25 2005
how did you make this RPM? Did you use lmms.spec from source-package? if not, I strongly recommend you to use it since it contains descriptions and split-information for lmms...rpm and lmms-data....rpm. I'll package the final 0.1.0 too for SuSE 9.3 and upload it on sourceforge.

toby - Jul 13 2005
"* Commandlineswitches --help and --version"

thanks, I'll add it ;-)

" * Commandlineswitch to select the alsa audio device. I have not line out on my notebook but an external USB soundcard so I'd like to tell lmms to use hw:2 instead of default/hw:0"

Thats planned for final 0.1.0. Then there'll be a setup-dialog where you can set your audio-device. But currently you can set the environment-variable "AUDIODEV" to your audio-device.

" * lmms eats a lot of my CPU (1.6GHz P4M), so the sound gets crappy"

The threading is currently not optimal, so LMMS always takes 100% CPU even if it does nothing. If there's just noise, the problem is somewhere else and has nothing to do with the CPU. I can tell you that I'm developing LMMS on a PIII 450 MHz!!! (and it runs quite well on it!)

" * The latency is very high. This way, it cannot be used as live instrument. What I really miss is support for JACK ( This way, using jack-transport, it could be synced to Hydrogen. This would be great fun!"

No, the latency is definitely not too high since you can setup this when running configure. Try configure --help for details. Per default LMMS uses a buffer-size of 256 which makes a latency of 5 ms @ 44100 Hz! I play it live with MIDI-keyboard and it runs well...

" * Of course LADSPA will be cool, but it would be also nice to add a DSSI-host ( Your already existing synth could them be turned to a DSSI plugin and also used outside lmms - while other DSSIs can be used inside lmms"

A lot of new plugins and LADSPA-support are planned for 0.2.0.

" * Rotary dials are inconvenient to move with the mouse. There should be better wheel support and additionally moving the mouse horizontally could also turn the knob from leftmost to rightmost"

Yes, I know, I'm also unhappy with current usability, but programming such things is not that easy... GTK has a nice extension for it called PHAT. With it's help you can set values very precise by resizing element and it's precision-range according to a user-action.

But thanks for your comment! - Jul 12 2005
The samples are part of LMMS and per default installed to /usr/share/lmms/samples. When first running LMMS, there should appear an assistant which should setup the samples for use. Than you can open them by opening the "Samples-workspace" on the LMMS-workingbar at the left side.

toby - Jul 12 2005
the problem with all these "embedded resources not found" is just, that translations for the according languages are missing. there're 2 translation-files: qt_??.qm (the Qt-translations for QFileDialog etc.) and ??.qm, which contains LMMS-specific translations. If these files are not found, it's nothing bad, you'll only have LMMS in English...

So any translations are welcome!! Just run make ??.ts in a configured LMMS-source-tree and open the file resources/??.ts with Qt linguist. Then translate all and send me your translation! ;-)

(you have to replace the ?? with the two characters of your language eg. es, fr, ru etc.)

toby - Jul 12 2005
Blurring Shadow at Logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 10 comments

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Mar 15 2005
should be part of libstdc++-devel or something like that... - Mar 31 2005
why kparts? it's just an enhancement of the slotPaint()-function... - Mar 15 2005
every time I post a patch, I get the same question... look here:

you have to patch the kdebase-sources - Mar 15 2005
ShadowFade at logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 44 comments

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Feb 18 2005
I sent a mail to a week ago but there were no answers yet... (

Whom should I contact? - Feb 22 2005
sorry, the problem is, that afterwards I removed one line out of patch (unneccessary include-file), so it doesn't work... will fix that very soon... - Feb 11 2005
this is a patch, that means you have to have the kde-sources installed and compiled. before compiling kde-base-source, apply the patch:

patch -p1 < path_to_patch_file/logout_shadow_fade.diff

for this you must be in the kdebase-3.3.x-source-directory. if you're not familiar to this, let it be! maybe one day this patch is part of KDE... - Feb 10 2005
DesktopBlur at logout

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 13 comments

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Feb 18 2005
if i would have made the screenshot as normal user, there would be too much uninteresting stuff on the screen, I just wanted to show the effect itself, so I started an X-session as root... of course I don't work as root normally... - Feb 21 2005
take a look at the comments of ShadowFade-effect... (you've to patch kdebase) - Feb 18 2005
Icon-Fader for Redmond-Splash-Engine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Jan 03 2005
where can i find it/how does it look? - Jan 03 2005
XPish grayfade at logout (KDE33x-patch)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Jan 03 2005
great idea, I think I'll be able to implement such thing... I'll also take a look at the other effect... thanks for your comments and suggestions! - Jan 03 2005
that's right, but I just like that... maybe one day i've got another idea... :-) - Jan 03 2005
WelcomeHome-Splash 1280x1024

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Nov 15 2004
hmmm... I don't know... I added 2 links for 2 different files, but there seems to be only one download-link... ??? - Nov 16 2004
How can I make such a preview? Do I have to change the Theme.rc-file? I also recognized, that information like Author and so on are NOT displayed in information-textbox... I'll make a smaller version if I have some time... - Nov 02 2004

System Sounds 3 comments

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Nov 15 2004
First excuse the german language on my page. I already planned to make an English project-page for LMMS :) But it's not a KDE-app, I wrote it with Qt, so I don't know, whether is the right place for it... But when I have reached version 0.1.0 (maybe Jan/Feb 2005) I'll release it... - Nov 15 2004