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Application Styles 369 comments

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Jul 31 2017

I found a bug, when applying a stylesheet to a QMenu. This is the stylesheet:
QMenu {
background-color: white;
border: 1px solid black;
The background is drawn correctly (white), but the border is also white. The border should be black! Works with other styles. - Mar 06 2010
thanks for the patch. I forwarded it to the bugreport, and it was fixed in KDevelop.

I've a suggestion for Skulpture. I think the left vertical "stripe" in menus, that is the background for icons, other stuff or simply a placeholder, would look much more "modern" if it was a gradient that would go from the color it now has on the left to the color that blends in with the rest of the menu.
I think that is at least worth a try, if it is possible at all. Hope you know what I mean. - Mar 02 2010

I love Skulpture, thanks for the work you put into it.

I found a skulpture bug in kdevelop. Open kdevelop. Open a source text file. You should see the column and line number in the upper right. In the same area where the tabs are, but it's a separate rectangle.
See these two screenshots:

In skulpture I simply can't see the numbers. - Feb 28 2010

Openbox Themes 5 comments

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Feb 20 2010
see my comment below, I clicked the wrong button. :) - Feb 23 2010
I'm using mostly KDE programs, and it's actually not even the kde oxygen-style, it is called skulpture and is my favourite style of all time. You can find it here. (the screenshots only use a different colour scheme)
There is actually a software called gtkqt-engine, which bridges qt/kde-styles to gtk/gnome-apps and I'm using that too. Works in nearly all programs, except you have to use a workaround for openoffice (simple environment variable setting), and it really doesn't work with inkscape, so you have to use a different style for this particular app, but apart from that all gnome/apps look exactly like my kde-apps, and it even works in gimp. :-) - Feb 23 2010
glad you like it. :-) - Feb 21 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Dec 26 2011
How about Brushnails? - Feb 15 2010

Plasma Themes 6 comments

by WillS
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Dec 03 2009
this theme is really nice. Looks professional and easy on the eyes! I want to see more themes in this style. Hope you will create some variations for us. - Oct 02 2009
YouTube Service

Amarok 2.x Scripts 21 comments

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Mar 14 2009
Thanks for your comment. I don't test on Windows though. - Mar 22 2009
Thanks for reporting! - Mar 18 2009
Thanks for your work. I merged your changes and released version 0.1.1. Maybe it works with 2.1 now, but that has still to be tested. I didn't include your code to get rid of youtubia because of the following reasons:
- When I started to write the script I wanted to do what you did, but I had to realize that you'd be always at the merci of youtube changing its code to prevent just that. This would mean, that an uphill battle would begin.
- With this solution you can't get a 'permalink' to the video, so that the link in your playlist works 'forever'. I realize that this problem isn't totally solved with youtubia either. But at least the problem is shifted to them. :-)
- To download directly from youtube you need at least one more download PER music clip to extract the correct id etc. pp. This is a LOT more overhead and reduces the script performance to a great deal.
- The solution over youtubia is simple and seems to work quite good. I love simplicity. - Mar 14 2009
As I have problems to compile amarok svn on mandriva cooker and 2.1 is still considered alpha I can't devote more time to this. - Mar 13 2009
No, I didn't try that yet. Thanks for reporting. - Mar 13 2009
well, the only explanation at the moment is that 2.0.1 sucks. I started writing this script with 2.0.1 and half of my problems were solved as soon as there was an mandriva update to 2.0.2.
I don't see myself doing workarounds for 2.0.1 bugs, maybe someone with 2.0.1 can do that and send me a patch. :)

Hope you don't blame that on me. - Mar 13 2009
You can also directly drag'n drop one of the search orders to your playlist. Can give great results if you searched for an album name for example. - Mar 13 2009
works with 2.0.1, but there are a few bugs in 2.0.1, which can cause this script to crash. Updating to 2.0.2 is highly recommended.
Also, to search you need to click on the expand button of one of the four 'order by' categories. This behaviour is preset by amarok, so I can't change that. - Mar 13 2009
Which version of amarok are you using, it's 2.0.2 here.
Thanks for the information about renaming the file, I just wondered how to do that. - Mar 13 2009

Groupware 20 comments

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Feb 28 2006
That's great news! Please try sending me mails again, I hope it'll work out correctly this time.

Greetz... - Jan 08 2006
Thank you very much! After a long time of work hearing compliments about your baby is the best thing that can happen.

I appreciate your offer to help with documentation, I suggest that you just begin with it and send the results to me. I'll also setup a mailing-list soon.

Greetz... - Jan 04 2006
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Feb 05 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by panzi

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Jan 05 2010

Application Styles
by skulptor

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Nov 13 2009

Plasma Themes
by WillS

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Oct 02 2009