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Tobias Oelgarte , Germany
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Jul 22 2007
The "inner" Window has always the same size and is centered on screen while the background is stretched. So the layout inside the window will always look like on this screenshots. In the experimental version the lensflair effect might be off, thats why it is experimental. ;-)

- Jan 17 2009
I started it within the gnome-termial and i didn't need to define any display variable.

PS: Maybe you should use your normal user. "guest" is a little suspicious... - Jan 03 2009
Many distributions have the packets "xnest" and "gdmthemetest" (a script, mostly already installed or bundled with xnest) inside their repositories. You only need to start it with an example like this:

export XNESTSIZE=1024x768
gdmthemetester console Avio-Side-GDM

Note: Avio-Side-GDM is the name of the folder in wich the theme files are installed. "console" is the mode in which the theme is startet in. The manpage may be helpfull for other modes.

then you can simple start the theme inside your desktop and take a simple screenshot. - Jan 02 2009
I said this already, but im no professional (maybe i study the wrong shit). XD

I just played around with Inkscape and had some experience in creating compact user interfaces. Since i like it compact but functional. ;)

Thank you for your praise! - Apr 01 2008
This seams to be a typical error in Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10. All you should need to do is to install it without drag and drop.

System --> Administration --> Loginwindow --> Local --> Add

Use this Button and all should be fine. Correct me when im wrong. And tell me which version you downloaded, please. - Jan 31 2008
WOW: Never had an idea that it would spread so far. Thanks for letting me know. - Nov 08 2007
I added a little "Howto" to the description. It isn't so hard as you thought, maybe.

Hope it helps you, but feel free to ask any further question, if you have one. - Jul 22 2007
I never thought that this theme would have such an impact. Currently it reached more then 80.000 downloads (hope the university dont send me the bill ^^) and 5 derivates are inside the 15 top rated gdm themes.

What can i say, im impressed and pleased ;-) - Jul 06 2007
A icon theme is really hard work. I used only incscape for all the drawing, and you can be very fast with it, if you use the keyboard shortcuts. I drawed an image that exceeded 1,5 MB of plain svg lately and it is still not finished :P

Also it is very helpfully to set up a 1x1 px grid to arrange the items.

The only thing i miss is an option for lines that are exactly 1px width at any scale. That would save much time to create all that different resolution icons.

But maybe it is possible to do it by a script if you mark that lines in a special way. - Jun 22 2007
No problem at all, i know that i can't create a theme, that fits everyones preference. And i released it under the GPL to allow it to be modified by everyone and to share his ideas. :P - Jun 22 2007
I tested it in some widescreen resolutions and it looked fine. Do you see some unpleasent effects, that i dont see? - Jun 21 2007
Should be no big deal, maybe i will create a widescreen version in some days, if i have a little free time.

One other possibitlity is just to change the backgroundimage. All you need to do is to unpack the archive and to replace the background.png with a widescreen image. After that you packed it again, you have a version with your own background. - Jun 20 2007
Thank you,
but you mean the transparent (milky white) border, or that the whole window is a bit transparent? - Jun 20 2007
Thank you, at least one likes it :P - Jun 19 2007
I have have released a new version, it should fix your issues. If it does not, please let me know. - Jun 19 2007
The background image is from Franziska Frannerts and you can download it from this location: [url][/url] - Jun 09 2007
I added a little howto in the description, it should be easy. - Jun 07 2007
Sorry that this theme caused you such big problems, but i think that this is not only my fault.

"Either fix the bug or remove the comment "shud work for all resolution greater than 640x480" in"

- that are not my themes, that are derivates of mine
- in my comment i limited the resolution to 1600x1200
- a theme is a plain XML-File and some images, it does not execute any code
- it looks like, that gdm-greeter or your x-server has a problem with such large images
- i use a 1600x1200 image for the background and it is resized by the greeter to fit the resolution

"I dont know why this happen to my theme and its derivations. It must be some sort of bug in the greeter." - May 29 2007
Sorry, but i dont think that a theme could be the reason for this behavior. Possibly it is the backgroundimage. Its size is 1600x1200 and you could run into some memory problems, but i dont think so.

I need some more info to do anything, but i cant imagine anything special about this theme. - Apr 03 2007
I would prefere it also, but unfortunately there is no option available to do this by the theme.

The only way is an extension of the gdm-greeter itself. Maybe you can create a request for enhancment and puplish it to the developers of the greeter.

If this option is available already, then plz let me know, then i will fix it. ;o) - Mar 09 2007
Tank you!

If someone can tell me how to create a gtk theme, than i will create one that fits to this gdm theme.

Only looking at other themes will not give me the possibility to get the best out of it. So im searching for a tutorial to get into this stuff. - Nov 22 2006
Thank you very much ;P

Im not a professional, so it must be luck, that i had such an idea. It must be Inkscape, that made me such creative (OK, it helps to know how to programm and how to write XML-Files) :P - Nov 22 2006
Sorry, but this error must have an other reason. Normaly it works fine and you only need to choose the user and can directly type the password. A Theme also has not the ability to change this behavior. - Nov 06 2006
If i have more time, than i will fix that problem. Currently you can comment out, that uggly buttons. But there is no way to shrink that box at the moment.

I will work on it... - Apr 08 2006
This is just an option. If you have Gnome, you can run the dialog by "gksudo gdmsetup". In the Tab "Security" is that Option "User..."

Hope you find it... - Apr 08 2006
Can you send me a screenshot of that problem? I never saw that before. Normaly all buttons should fit into the box. Look at the screenshot, the button for "Quit" is in german "Beenden" and it should fit into that box. So, please make a screenshot :o) - Apr 06 2006
Or that way :o) - Apr 04 2006
It's "stOrmgreen". You can find it on in the section "wallpaper -> 1600x1200".

Hint: Use the search function on the right side to find it. - Apr 04 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

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Jun 14 2007
But i have also a question: What is the name of the dock at the bottom? I saw it sometime, but i never found his name :| - Jun 10 2007

Cliparts 3 comments

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Feb 17 2007
Better you remove the complete account. I just call it spam. - Feb 17 2007
I dont think that it is legal to share this icon. - Feb 17 2007
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff 187 comments

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Jan 12 2006
The menu is attached to the right of the window. But normaly all menus will pop up to the right. In maximized state that menus will be pressed at the right side. This could make it hard to select the entries.

(Try moving your window so far to right, that the menubar (normaly "Help") is attached to the right. Now try to navigate through nested menus.) - Jan 31 2007

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Sep 02 2006
...more information about the gtkrc files? i like to build my own gtk-theme, but i found no good documentation.

Is there a manpage or something else, that completly describes the possible content of that file? - May 24 2006

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Apr 09 2006
i do not know how it is called in "english" but in "german" it is under:

System -> Systemverwaltung -> Einrichtung des Anmeldebildschirms -> Sicherheit -> Benutzeralbum

It may be translated to:

System -> Systemmanagement -> Greeter Configuration -> Security -> User album

(This works for me under ubuntu brezy) - Apr 19 2006