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Tobias Tobias Nygaard

GTK2 Themes by rcares 42 comments

Looks a lot like a mix of Exquisite mixed with Gnome-apple (for the record, i recently lost this "Gnome-apple" theme and have been unable to find it under that exact name, i believe it to be gnomeapple or something to that effect)
Hope this helps all you icon-hunters. - May 09 2005
gnoMac Theme Pack

Various Gnome Stuff by lizardking 18 comments

I'm sad to report that the link you posted is to a server with a 10gb download limit, which means I, for one am going to have to wait till next month I suppose, to get this. I would greately appriciate it if someone who already has it, the publisher or otherwise, put it on a different server and made it completely available.

Thank you. - Jan 27 2005
Only GNOME - World - 1024

Wallpapers Gnome by kijun 7 comments

The message isn't quite as clear as I'd like it to be though. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work - Dec 02 2004
CrystalMess SVG

Icon Sub-Sets by nunopinheiro 37 comments

Hey, just wondering what dock you got running there?
Name and possibly a link?
Thanks. Nice icons :) - Jul 29 2004