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Thoradin Eisenfaust , Germany
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Kvm (Kde Video Menu)

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Feb 22 2009
Use Avidemux:
OpenVideo, select
Video = h264
Audio = mp3

If needed, scale size of video at filters. every VLC plays it - Feb 15 2008
Flash Editor

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Jun 07 2006
qmake is in qt3-develop (in suse, maybe other distributions to)

but i need a symbolic link, 'cause the executable was NOT in the path
('locate qmake' should find it)

ln -s /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake /usr/bin/qmake - Oct 12 2007
K750i / W800 / D750 Amarok Control Profile

System Software 9 comments

by tnt
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Aug 31 2006
seems to be an error with your bt-connection, nothin' i could fix... - Jun 10 2007
>> If you already defined global hotkey in amaroK, just set the remote keys to the 'alternate' global key."...

This addition is for people who already use keyboard-keycodes for amarok and don't want to learn "my" new. Amarok could assing 2 global hotkeys for every action. So, if you have a working multimedia keyboard you don't have to change the hotkeys, but add them as second hotkey... - Sep 17 2006
1.) The Keycodes have to be defined in Amarok itself (maybe OPTIONS -> GLOBAL HOTKEYS, I've got a german version running here) Instead of klicking on your keayboard to define a key, hit the phonebutton for the action o perform.

2.) As I used Winamp in the past, my keycodes are orientated to the codes used there:

CTRL + ALT + HOME = Play/Pause
CTRL + ALT + PgUp = Last Song
CTRL + ALT + PgDn = Next Song
CTRL + ALT + End = Show/Hide Amarok
CTRL + ALT + M = Mute
CTRL + ALT + O = OnScreen Display
CTRL + ALT + + = Increase Loudness
CTRL + ALT + - = DeCrease Loudness
CTRL + ALT + S = Stop

- Sep 17 2006
Sorry, can't answer this, I only send the WMP profile from my phone to the pc, edit the files and send it back, so i can't say anything about the compatiblity to older phones... - Sep 05 2006
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Jun 09 2007 - Jun 10 2007

Various KDE Stuff 59 comments

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Dec 19 2008
This is the best way to make everyone an ubuntu-hater! This hype , sux 'cause (K)ubuntu has as many errors as SuSe has just in other places! - Dec 08 2006

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May 25 2010
hi, i got some problems to get kvpnc working, I have already imported an autoconfiguration file and added the certificate in 3 places of the config, but I still need a (pgp?)-personal key. but the network i'd tried to connect didn't have another encryption and also no keyfile. using openvnc --config file.ovpn seems to work, but i have to add a proxyserver and it would be nice to connect with one click in kde. can i disable the question for the key? - Oct 09 2006

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Dec 14 2015
>> ./configure --with-omnibook (you may include more options)

that's the point, thanks :-) - Sep 07 2006
toshiba notebook with omnibook like bios... try the omnibook module as written in README.omnibook - Sep 05 2006
The changelog says, ktoshiba supports also the omnibok module, but how? I downloaded, build and installed the module, modprobed it, but don`t find a hint or option to activate this module instead of the toshiba module. I already get some scancodes from the fn-keys on the syslog-console, but it would be nice to have a nice kde-app .) - Sep 05 2006

Graphic Apps 12 comments

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May 04 2004
I got Kooka work with my low-cost-scanner and this was the day i love scanning. Scanning some more pages with grafik tools in windows was often a work of hours, because of the "one-time-call" of the twain-dialog, saving in specific folder and so on. with kooka it is just a klick per scan. - Aug 30 2006

Chat & Messenging 100 comments

by mattr
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Jul 13 2006
Sorry, the SuSe RPM ist unusable for, the 0.12 beta crashes, and don't start even with the old dir. in my ~/.kde/shara/apps/kopete. My self-build of 0.12 Alpha, however, is rocksolid ???

Otherwise, Kopete kicks ass! - Mar 13 2006
Score 80.6%
Oct 12 2009

System Software
by Sho

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Oct 08 2009