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Thomas McGuire

Amarok 1.x Scripts by heatseeker 32 comments


I really like your script, it is very useful for me.

However, I found an annoying bug:

I have other scripts installed (MP3Fixer and lastamarok).
Those scripts also show an entry in the context menu when right-clicking on a file.
So I have the following entries in the context menu:

CoverPrint -> Print CD Cover
MP3Fixer -> FixIt!
lastamarok -> Love

Whatever entry I click, "Print CD Cover" ALWAYS gets activated.
For example, I click the FixIt! entry, the MP3Fixer correctly fixes my MP3. However, the Cover Print dialog is also shown.

Please fix your script so that it only gets activated when clicking the, and only the, "Print CD Cover" entry in the context menu.

Other scripts behave correctly. - May 28 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by KyroxX 36 comments

You can get rid of the Window Borders the following way:
1. Right-Click Titlebar
2. Advanced->No Borders - Oct 31 2004

Security by sbe 16 comments

Thanks for this wonderful application!
It's really easy to use and has great documentation (although I miss "What's this?" help).

Now my computer is finally secure. Before Guarddog, I did not have a firewall because it was too complicated to set up. - Aug 13 2004

System Software by jkerrb 65 comments

I got the following error when I tried to compile 1.2.0beta3 :

kdarConfigureDlg.cpp: In constructor `
kdarConfigureDlg::kdarConfigureDlg(QWidget*, const char*, bool, unsigned
kdarConfigureDlg.cpp:80: error: `spacer62' undeclared (first use this function)

I am using KDE CVS > 3.3 Beta 2.
I also got a similar error for 1.1.0.

Please help me to solve this problem! - Jul 26 2004

System Software by zrusin 8 comments

I've got the same problem and thus can not get the application compiled. I hope this will be fixed soon. - Jul 18 2004