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Jan 09 2010
Qt5 translation: - Sep 19 2019

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by tkbj
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Nov 22 2018
Give it a try again.

I have only the possibility to prove it on OpenSuSE:
KDE 4.6.0 gcc 4.5 - Mar 22 2011
Try it again with the updated program version ( release 2) - Mar 22 2011
Download the sourcecode again (
If the error still occurs then
change the line: html_widget.cpp:132 to:
//menu->addAction(pageAction(QWebPage::SelectAll)); - Sep 24 2009
The line 13 was unnecessary because it was a duplication of line 3. - May 13 2009
So far I don't why this error occurred.
I have OpenSUSE 11.0 as OS (with libqt4-4.4.0-12.1 and libkde4-4.0.4-15.1)

What I suggest is to change the line (in src/CMakeLists.txt:13):
add_subdirectory( plugins ) --> #add_subdirectory( plugins ) - May 11 2009
How to exit compact mode:

Place the mouse corsor in the area where the toolbar was (the right half of it), press the right mouse button, choose from the shown menu the "Normal mode" entry.

In comparison with OpenSuse 11.0 I had on OpenSuSE 11.1 to move the directory /usr/share/apps/qtrans to /usr/share/kde4/apps/qtrans to display the README file.
To find under: toolbar->help button (on the "arrow down" right from it)->Contents. - Feb 27 2009
The second posibility works now (this one with the "build" directory). - Sep 13 2008
On OpenSuSE 11.0 x86_32 the following works:
cd qtrans-

But the following doesn't work (because "make" doesn't find qtrans.moc):
cd qtrans-
mkdir build
cd build
make - Sep 13 2008
The Hebrew words are now displayed correctly except round brackets and latin words. - Mar 11 2008
I have not much time to develop (extend or add new features to it) qtrans.
What I wanted was to translate the KDE3 version (qtrans see to KDE4. - Feb 09 2008

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by csgib
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Jul 30 2013
It was my mistake.
When I was in the menu: "Menage the medias of your DVD project", I druged the video file from "konqueror" and not from the "Importe" menu. - Feb 18 2009
Automatic creation of chapters doeasn't function (Menu: "Chapitrage").
All buttons become grey after one press "Automatic creation" button and then one can not exit this menu. - Feb 18 2009