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Tom LeJeune
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Feb 04 2011
To get conkyWeather working read the instructions on this page

Ill try to tweak the script within the next few days to accommodate a AMD 6x CPU.

As for your CPU temp, im not sure how to help. ever computer is a little different there are a few ways to display cpu temp in conky. Try searching google and try a few different solutions in a separate conky script

- Feb 06 2011
That might be a little tricky. I probably could, but i would have no way to test if it worked of not. Also I would need to either eliminate 2 of the storage areas or raise the conky script to the middle of the screen to accommodate for the four extra core monitors. - Feb 06 2011
thanks for the feed back. I just revised my conky today. I added a few more features and its available in your resolution. - Feb 04 2011