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Nov 29 2009
I will give it a try on my test machine. I am really happy that they sorted out the sound issues in 2.28 but the gdm depreciation is a real annoyance. You would think they would release the new design guidelines, so that people could adjust the code to have some real alternative content before going mainstream. But oh well.

BTW Really like the look especially for start up screen =) - Nov 30 2009
Does this thing work with new GDM? - Nov 29 2009

Full Icon Themes 9 comments

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Nov 29 2009
If you have better places to host, please suggest them, I will upload, I just can't host them from my house (256 kbit upload bandwidth) and those are the only sites I know that don't break files and let you host for free. - Nov 30 2009
Thanks for letting me know that it was not working. Hopefully with updated links it should work better. If you still have problems pm me, and I will e-mail it to you. - Nov 29 2009
Moved the main link to 2shared. Rapishare link is here if anyone wants it: - Nov 29 2009 - Nov 28 2009
If rapidshare does not work, try this:

If this does not work, I can upload it somewhere else, but all of them, including rapidshare have a free download option.
- Nov 28 2009