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by Zren
Score 88.5%
Oct 24 2019
Great plasmoid! Been using it for a while, just one thing I find missing that would be very useful is the ability to have multiple Google accounts linked for the calendar aspect. (Unless I have missed that feature?) For eg. if you have a personal Google account and a Professional one and having the possibility of having all the events appear on the calendar. When adding meetings, now it's already possible to choose which calendar they will be applied to, having another account linked could just add the extra calendars in the dropdown list. (I don't know how complicated it would be to handle more than one linked google account thought :) )

In any case, thanks for your great work and the time you put in (with the continuous updates) It is the most popular plasmoid! (For good reason ;) ) - Sep 06 2018
It works well, thanks for your reactivity!

One thing I have stumbled upon as well, is when you click on a date in the Agenda: You have the Calendar dropdown box and Textbox. If you click on the Calendar dropdown and have it open for too long as you choose a Calendar, it actually selects the whole widget (changing it to a colour blue) and moves the position of the widget on the desktop. (Following the mouse cursor)
- Jun 12 2017
Thanks for the prompt reply ! I will try it out
- Jun 12 2017
Great work on this widget! It is one of those rare gems that works well, looks good and is intuitive!

I have just one feature (request?) unless there is a proper way of doing it.
How do you add events to dates that are in the future (as in not this month)
For eg. Adding an event to a date this month is simple, just click on the day that appears in the agenda and type it in. However, if it's to add an event to a date in a month or two, the days do not appear in the agenda list.

(I see only one way - double clicking on the calendar date to open up Google calendar in a browser) I find myself avoiding inputting things into Google Calendar directly as it is not very intuitive. And I'm looking for a simple solution that I can check quickly at a glance on my desktop.

Proposition: By clicking on a date in the Calendar, it makes the day appear in the Agenda, which can then be clicked - to add an event :D

This takes care of inputting events for any dates (this month or in the future)

Thanks for reading! - Jun 07 2017
Event Calendar

Plasma 5 Calendars
by Zren

Score 88.5%
9   Jun 12 2017