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KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

by kzhar
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Mar 28 2005
This is the second rip of a Digital Blasphemy image.

When you upload you have to check the box that says:

"I ensure that this content does not violate any existing copyright, law or trademark."

Perhaps you ought to think on that statement a bit... - Mar 28 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 2 comments

by kzhar
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Mar 24 2005
That looks like a Digital Blasphemy watermark on the image.Did they give you permission to use it? - Mar 24 2005
Some Gentoo wallpapers

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Apr 21 2004
Thank you.

Have a peruse through the archives if you haven't already, there are some cool SUSE wallpapers on here :-) - Apr 21 2004
Don't Hide the Light! (Matt. 5:14,15)

Wallpaper Other 21 comments

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Jan 28 2004
- Jan 28 2004
So sad :-(

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Jan 07 2004
But ignored:
Just for a laugh ;-)
I prefer KDE but there are Gnome and Fluxbox desktops on my network ;-)
I dont get it? What was your point? AS I think I pointed out above I do also use Gnome. So yes I saw it yesterday... :-) - Jan 08 2004
Did you read the description?????? - Jan 07 2004
Psalm 150:3

Wallpaper Other 19 comments

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Jan 06 2004
Art definately seems better.
And the flood seems to have stopped, which is cool.

However, on a personal note. Your preaching etc has really turned me off Christianity and it's followers.
Sad but there it is. - Jan 07 2004

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Jan 08 2004
"Curiouser and curioser" said Alice.

I posted the above comment on KDE-Look and it ends up here?? Something odd is going on. Do the sites share the same database by any chance??? - Jan 05 2004
The apps are cool that are on the front page at the moment. But neither are screensavers that I can see.

Are people confusing KDE-Look with KDE-Apps????? I know they look similar but ones red and the other is blue? We'll the last time I checked ;-) - Jan 05 2004
3 Bubbles

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Jan 04 2004
They were supposed to be. Something has gone screwy with the export to png from Sodipodi. I'll fix it.

Back again to my thought on using svg as a background in KDE.... - Jan 04 2004
Embrace the Son

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Jan 01 2004
You just couldn't help it could you.

Just look at the comments already. I don't think I need to even bother trying to make people aware of your behaviour this time. They seem to have you pegged.

Give a guy enough rope and he'll surely hang himself.

I hope you are enjoying yourself. Those around you have my pity, at least we only have to endure you in a virtual sense...

(Who said "Care in the community" doesn't work....) - Jan 01 2004
Embrace the Son

Wallpaper Other 29 comments

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Dec 28 2003
That is just plain inflammatory.
Chill man. Play nice and others will respond in kind... - Dec 30 2003
Let's hope you can equally impress with your future behaviour too.

On a more artistic bent, this is a much more usable wallpaper imho as the lack of clutter is far less distracting. I'm far more a fan of 'clean & simple' wallpapers.... - Dec 29 2003
Let's hope you can equally impress with your future behaviour too.

On a more artistic bent, this is a much more usable wallpaper imho as the lack of clutter is far less distracting. I'm far more a fan of 'clea & simple' wallpapers.... - Dec 29 2003

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 23 2003
That is just too small for a wallpaper. People can resize wallpaper to make it smaller, but cannot recreate detail to enlarge it. IMHO 1024x768 would be the bare minimum size, and even that would be too small for several of my machines... - Dec 23 2003

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Jan 01 2004
You might want to upload a larger preview, it's impossible to make out the picture without downloading it. - Dec 18 2003
light my fire

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 16 2003
Thought it looked a bit lame viewing the thumbnail, but that's because you can't see the cog in that...
I like the subtlety. - Dec 17 2003
...I Know better than you (II)...

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Dec 16 2003
For how long... I've ignored him for as long as I can. I got fed up. I wasn't prepared to just keep waiting for someone else to take some action...

He doesn't care what you think. Why else does he not take note of the voting system that clearly show the vast majority are against his abuse of the site? - Dec 16 2003
Please endow me with you wisdom then. How else do you deal with someone like Tim?
He doesn't respond to questions. Voting him down as a community doesn't work.

Yes it's childish and sinking to his level.
BUT, make it so I can't do this and then you stop the abuse of the site!

Or do just want to sit by and let all and sundry use this site as a vehicle for their personal beliefs? - Dec 15 2003
Thank you for you praise (Though of course it is no more than I expect or deserve).

Actually, I was just musing on the audacity of others to post artwork to my site and wondering if I should produce some more artwork.

Your comment has given me pause for thought though. I think it is all this "Art" and "Eye Candy" that is getting in the way of my message.

So if all posters would kindly remove their artwork from the site. Once this has been completed I shall bestow the benefit of my wisdom in regular bite size portions for you contemplation and benefit. - Dec 15 2003
Why thank you for your wonderful praise.

Just one point. What is sarcasm? I'm not sure that's a concept that's reached my ivory tower yet... - Dec 15 2003
Love green car not jesus

Wallpaper Other 13 comments

by saho
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Dec 15 2003
You show Tim's traits here. You ignored the comment above. It's the behaviour not the content. But it seems you can forgive Tim that can't you... - Dec 16 2003
It is not the material I find offensive (though there may be some that do) but the inappropriate use of this site i.e. flooding, resubmission, claims of persecution etc.

Stop the behaviour, not the content.

(Although the quality and nature has been dire...) - Dec 15 2003
It's not about religion. It's about one person being a troll.

You wan't to stop this try engaging Tim in a discussion about his behaviour. Doubt you you'll get very far though.... - Dec 15 2003
Nice. - Dec 15 2003
KDE Art Flow

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 6 comments

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Dec 15 2003
I like the main image. I'm not so sure about the use of ASCII instead of the more traditional icons, as the correspondence between them and the stages of starting up are not apparant. Did that make some sort of sense?

I'm gonna give it a go though as it's hard to judge a splash without the animation and it does look good :-). - Dec 15 2003

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Dec 15 2003
I like that.
I must admit I tend towards wallpapers that have enough blank space to place icons etc on. That means that the small visual element that is the focus has to be good. In my subjective opinion yours is :-). - Dec 15 2003
Stalin Kommunist

Wallpaper Other 45 comments

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Jan 21 2004
I assume that was you trying to reply to me and not yourself ;-)

I have no problem with the fact that it is Christian art. He could be trying to promote the use of tin hats for all I care. What has been happening though is the site is being dominatied by one person to promote their ideas. I'd be just as annoyed if it was someone promoting the use of seatbelts in cars for example.

There are more preferable froums for that sort of idea.

I refrained from criticising the material Tim posts until recently, but concentrated on his behaviour. He will not respond to me or others and continually resubmits work to screw with the voting and keep himself on the front page. It's that behaviour I have a problem with. As such I shall be keeping a parody of such work on the front page using such tactics...

The guy is a troll, and a coward. Why else does he refuse to engage in discussion? - Dec 15 2003
No. But flooding of the site and abuse of the submission system (re-submiting entries with trivial changes to bring the %age back up and to get it back on the front page) should be viewed in a dim light.

Are you a Christian? If you are you should be more critical of Tim than I. He is doing more to harm the view of that particular religion.

Or is there part of you that agrees with what he is doing? - Dec 15 2003
The problem is obviously not with Christians it's one user that floods this site. I haven't seen you criticise his behaviour yet you criticise this?

At least this author is explaining his actions and responding to your comments.

Tim has just shown cowardice and a desire to subvert the voting system.

That's not to say that I think much of this paper either. But it's not about things causing offense. It's about the perception that the site is becoming the vehichle for one individual to peddle his opinions. - Dec 15 2003

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Dec 15 2003
I like the idea of using the cutout sphere in the centre. Would work well with several designs. - Dec 15 2003
Life is a Dash...

Wallpaper Other 42 comments

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Dec 12 2003
Apparantly not.

Oh, well.

I have so far refrained from abuse in the hope of engaging you in considered discourse.

No more.

You are nothing more than a sad individual who I pity.

Though, you did cheer me up the other morning when looking at some of your crap. You know that no matter how gbad things get, it could be worse. I COULD BE LIKE YOU!

(Oh, you had delusions of persecution on one of your postings. If you feel the need for this to complete your percieved struggle to convert the world, let me know and I'll happily oblige.) - Dec 12 2003
Hi Tim,
Would you at least do me the courtesy of telling my you do not respond to my questions? - Dec 12 2003
Deep Blue VIII *a*

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Jan 13 2004
Missed the original, but I like this. Texture is nice and it has enough uncluttered space for icons. :-) - Dec 12 2003
The Heavens Declare...

Wallpaper Other 48 comments

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Dec 10 2003
He wont reply to this or any other comment that isn't a direct compliment or an opportunity to expound on his beliefs...

I put several questions to him regarding his behaviour and he has declined to respond :-( - Dec 11 2003
Still trolling I see.
Strangely quiet though... Seems like you not only want to post wallpapers on one subject, but you only reply to favourable comments or questions that suit you..... - Dec 11 2003
Come To Me...

Wallpaper Other 25 comments

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Dec 10 2003
I think you've answered your own arguement. They are specifically wallpapers for people of a certain belief. Do you not think there are more appropriate places to post them?

Particularly when the art is secondary to the message.

Recently in a forum on cycling I frequent there was a community movement to reduce the number of off topic posts that were out numbering the material the forum was designed to support. Similar here. We are seeing a flood of this material that has little relevance to the site.

Oh, and I'm not the only one to point out the trivial updates to keep them on the front page and to get the percentages back up....

- Dec 10 2003
Nice to see you are still being selective who you reply to ;-) - Dec 10 2003
If you haven't yet done so, and have the time, why not send KDE-LOOK an email and thank them for allowing a diverse array of work? Thanks!

Trying to make it look like you are being persecuted because of your beliefs?
That's rich. It's like coming up to me in the street and preaching on about something and then screaming persecution when I ask you to go away. It's not because of what you are, but your presumption that I should be listening to you.

To quote:
"Is it coz I is black?"
"No it's because you're a twat" - Dec 10 2003
"32%" Sorry, and inaccuracy there, I cut and pasted the comment from my reply to the authors previous posting. (Repeating myself as he didn't bother to answer) - Dec 10 2003
If you look at the artists work, ALL of his posts are rated below 50%. Oh, I wonder what else they have in common? That's right he's trying to push his beliefs, the art is secondary to that. - Dec 10 2003
Can you not find a more appropriate forum to peddle your beliefs? Why don't you take a hint from you persistantly low ratings (32% at the time of posting) and stop posting this crap?

You are a troll plain and simple. - Dec 10 2003
FreeBSD Desktop

Wallpapers BSD 2 comments

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Dec 10 2003
I like the colours, but just a little niggle. The black lines around the cog are a little "jaggy". Otherwise cool :-) - Dec 10 2003
"Fearfully Made"

Wallpaper Other 49 comments

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Dec 10 2003
Can you not find a more appropriate forum to peddle your beliefs? Why don't you take a hint from you persistantly low ratings (32% at the time of posting) and stop posting this crap?

You are a troll plain and simple. - Dec 10 2003
Unto Us a Child is Born

Wallpaper Other 26 comments

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Dec 08 2003
If a flame thread begins, I *will* delete the entry and re-enter it. It's up to you! Vote your opinion of the work.

So you'll just keep re-posting when it gets voted down to bring it back to 50%. We'll how big and clever of you. - Dec 08 2003

Wallpaper Other 51 comments

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Dec 02 2003
16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:15-16
Oooooh. Funny how a religion that supposedly prides itself on tolerance has the notion that non believers will burn.... - Nov 25 2003
Tribute to NYC

Wallpaper Other 9 comments

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Mar 15 2002
I have every sympathy with those affected by the events of 9/11. However, since when was this a political site? Keep it to artwork.... Lest others pipe up about the several thousand killed by american troops in Afghanistan or the funding of the IRA for many years by American citizens... - Mar 15 2002