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tigran g Glendale, United States of America
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Apr 10 2016
How do you make it full height without it moving the top bar over like you have in the second screenshot? - Feb 17 2015
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
Another issue I've noticed is when I open File Roller/Nautilus the windows border/frame shows, but it's contents takes longer to show (and as a result I see the window border but my wallpaper inside of it) and it flickers when the content finally shows up.

This doesn't happen with the default theme. - Feb 12 2013
I'd be interested in how you did this, too. Thanks! - Feb 08 2013
First, I love the theme.

Jut want to let you know in online accounts the switch is blurry. (doesn't happen with other themes so I figure it's related to this). In other apps it is not blurry like that. - Feb 06 2013

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by 2sev
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Apr 29 2011
Thanks for the screenshot and your efforts. If I can get my desktop to look exactly like that your theme and font choice will make me switch to linux :)

My eyes suck I need sharpness :S

Great theme. Keep it up. - Sep 23 2010
team = theme* :) - Sep 23 2010
This is a great team and the main reason I don't use linux is because my eyes can't stand the fonts. The font in your screenshot looks amazing tho (along with your theme).

You stated that the font you're using is Droid but in the screenshot it shows Lucida Grande. Can you please very which font your using and at what size (and also what type of rendering and DPI). That would help me very much. Thanks! - Sep 23 2010
BlueSpace II

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Apr 14 2008
Line 106 for the second one, sorry. - Apr 11 2008
If you comment out (adding # in front of the line) line 99 and 105 then the theme works.

Might what to fix it in the download. - Apr 11 2008
This theme isn't working for me?

Anyone else having trouble? - Apr 11 2008
hey what engine do you need for this theme?
it looks all plain on mine,
- Apr 10 2008

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by marcozanger

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Jun 08 2009