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Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 42 comments

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Dec 12 2010
That's why I made the widget with python. You can easily play around with it yourself. - Dec 12 2010
python-alsaaudio maybe? - Dec 12 2010
Have it running on Kubuntu Maverick x64 here... - Dec 12 2010
You can either download the zip file from this page, open a terminal, change the folder to the one, where you stored the zip file and type "plasmapkg -i". Or you can right-click on your desktop, select "add widget..." and use the online source, where you will also find Mixeroid. - Aug 05 2009
This is a problem of the plasma theme for the sliders. You can make your own, if you like to contribute!

No coding, just using inkscape. - May 01 2009
What distribution do you use? You need to install the plasma python script-engine (in openSUSE this requires the "python-kdebase4" and "python-devel" packages, in Fedora this requires the "kdebase-workspace-python-applet" package, in Kubuntu this requires the "python-plasma" package) - May 01 2009

If I run the python-alsaaudio mixer example as root, I get all channels. I already checked the permissions of /dev/snd/* but no change... - Feb 28 2009
> you can't hide plasmoid like battery monitor, and this one

That's exactly why I made this plasmoid, because with kmix, you have to click once to able to change master volume and you have to click twice to get all mixers. With this plasmoid you can change and see all channels you like. Always!

But if it clutters your panel, place it on the desktop. Can you do this with kmix? *g* - Feb 25 2009
Hm, I have a Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03) but with the modifications it also shows only two channels. I managed to get the tooltips working.

I'm pretty new to the python stuff, but I think I will have a look at solid. Any volunteer who want's to do the config part? - Feb 24 2009
I know (though it looks ok in my panel), the standard plasma slider is not so nice for small spaces. If you like to dig into creating plasma styles (SVG stuff) you're welcome! - Feb 24 2009
The tooltips don't work for me anyway (any idea how to enable these?)

The python-alsaaudio seems to be very limited, on my intel-hda it only shows a control for Master and one for Capture which both control the same channel. Maybe we can switch to KDE style (solid or phonon) as a backend. - Feb 24 2009

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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
Yakuake is one of the most useful apps, I think! Great work!

What I would like to see, is some key to expand the window. For example if yakuake is closed and I press F12 it occupies 1/3 of the desktop, if I press F12 again it occupies the whole desktop.

Not so difficult to implement, isn't it? - Oct 15 2006