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Albert Thuswaldner

Various KDE Stuff by thuswa 5 comments

This issue is fixed. Please upgrade to version 12. - Aug 31 2007

Various KDE Stuff by thuswa 5 comments

Seems wikiwall chocked on todays picture, have to create a workaround for days like these. Coming up, do not despair. ;) - Aug 30 2007

Various KDE Stuff by thuswa 5 comments

Thank you for your comment. Yeah, it seams feasible to do something similar for I will start looking into that in the next couple of days.

Since wikiwall is just an ugly hack (though it works!), the one for will probably be more or less a new script.

Regarding your comment about low resolutions on the POTD's from wikipedia:
I really have not seen that as a problem, since a majority of the pictures nominated seem to have a resolution larger than (or at least close to) 1600x1200, which should satisfy most screens.

To you using wikiwall: please continue reporting problems or wishes regarding new functionality! (And yeah I will correct the spelling/bad grammar in the next release. ;) )

Cheers! - Aug 27 2007
debian cranium

Wallpapers Debian by orso 7 comments

Besides it beeing a bit bizzar, (girlfriends x-rayed cranium, hello(!?) what does she (+ her relatives) think of it having her cranium all over the internet), it is a good start. This parallel to the intel slogan is really funny!

To improve the work I would suggest removing the eye ball. It would give a more serious and cool sense to it, in contrary to the prank-like thing it is now. - Mar 11 2004