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Thong Tran Chau Can Tho, Vietnam
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Dropbox for Elementary #5

Full Icon Themes 1 comment

Score 72.2%
Oct 30 2010
I use Luna OS, and I want to apply those icons into Luna (on Wingpanel). How to? - Jul 28 2012
FS Icons Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes 66 comments

Score 82.2%
Aug 20 2017
Thx so much for your great work. I love and appreciate your icon theme. But please change and update 2 ugly application icons: Stardict and UXTerm. Stardict is very useful and often runs it.Uxterm has an extremely ugly icon in Ubuntu. Again thx you so much. Best regards. - Jul 06 2012
How can I apply your development version? (I used ppa:kroq-gar78/ppa) - May 30 2012
Can you redesign the Hardisk icons, it looks ugly, not appropriate with Folders' look. Hardisk icons look nice with Awoken theme or OSX theme. Thx for your care. - May 05 2012
Infinity Conky

Conky 26 comments

Score 76.7%
Aug 02 2016
I wonder what's the name of theme used for dock? It's Cairo-dock or Docky? - Jun 28 2012
ElementAryM +ElementAryAmbience

GTK3 Themes 12 comments

Score 55.0%
May 20 2012
Can you make Wingpanel smaller in width and there's a shalldow of wingpanel? I will be nicer surely. - May 21 2012
I wait your theme's update day by day because I use Luna OS and there is little theme for Luna. So I hope you can update it as fast as possible. Thx so much! - May 16 2012
This is the link of screenshot that I have some problems after applying your theme in Luna. Please copy the link into Browser to check.

Thx so much! - May 09 2012
I have just applied this update theme in Luna OS and I realized that the Nautilus looks better than old version, though Wingpanel (toppanel) is rather big. It should be smaller in width. Wish you make it again. Thx for your care! - May 09 2012
Thx you so much. I've been waiting for so long! - May 09 2012
This theme is good in Luna OS commonly but I hope the author will polish or redesign to make Nautilus look nicer (especially with Main Toolbar and Menubar of Nautilus). Thx - May 04 2012
I applied this theme in Luna OS (daily build) but it seems nice. I love it and wait for the final version of Luna. - Apr 25 2012
Adwaita-X dark/light

GTK3 Themes 85 comments

Score 74.2%
May 06 2013
I prefer Nautilus's background (as other programs) polished nicer as in Elementary or Adwaita Cupertino theme. Can you see and edit it? Thx for your care! - May 17 2012

GTK3 Themes 138 comments

Score 71.0%
May 16 2012
Your theme looks nice and I wonder where is the code to make the window's edge oval in your theme? I want to apply the code into my theme. Please help me. Thx in advance! - May 16 2012

GTK3 Themes 106 comments

Score 73.7%
Sep 01 2012
I admited Grayday, Adwaita Cupertino, MediterraneanNight are so good in Unity or Gnome shell but not for Luna OS. I wish Trastes use Luna OS once and apply those themes and find the way to fix it. Wish and wish... - May 13 2012
Really M satisfied with this theme in Ubuntu 12.04. Everything is ok except for Unity panel in transparent mode (by custom in gtk3.css). I believe you will find the solution to fix. - Mar 12 2012
Hope you finish the completion of unity/ubuntu 12.04 for this theme as soon as possible. - Mar 12 2012
Long time to have your update! M waiting... - Mar 08 2012
Sorry...the problem in Ubuntu 12.04 beta. - Mar 05 2012
Thx for your hard work. I also have a problem in setting with Unity-transparent (in gtk.css) to make panel looks Mac style, that when you move a cursor onto Unity panel, it changes the color into gray (just part left of Unity panel) and the rest of panel is still transparent (the right part of panel with indicator icons). Unfortunately I cannot attach a screenshot to show that problem. Wish you notice and fix it. - Mar 05 2012
Its nice. But I wonder where is Unity folder? without it, the theme doesnt look nice perfectly e while maximize the window. - Mar 04 2012

GTK3 Themes 53 comments

Score 75.4%
May 09 2012
You can check the screenshot I uploaded. - May 09 2012
Can you try to make your theme more elegant by redesign the background of Nautilus (also other programs) with the line (dark and light as in Ambiance/Adwaita Cupertino theme). I think your theme will be nicer if it will be polished as that. Thx so much! - May 08 2012
I dont know why almost Gtk theme for Linux are dark color. It makes the monitor looks terrible in a working day. Microsoft uses glass or transparent, Apple likes gray/metal color. They looks elegant and comfortable with our eyes. It cannot be understood why Ubuntu make Ambiance theme. I love Ubuntu but it doesnt do anything to attract other users. - May 05 2012

GTK3 Themes 24 comments

Score 76.7%
Jul 11 2017
The problem is that M using Luna OS, while your theme suits completely, that not any theme can compare. - May 05 2012
Really I dont like the blue color of this theme. I want to change it to gray or color of Snow Leopard theme. Can you show me how to change it? - May 04 2012
Score 38.9%
Jan 18 2011
The download link was died, please reupload! - May 04 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes 589 comments

Score 74.6%
Apr 14 2013
Wish Traster edit the theme to match with Wingpanel of Luna OS. - May 01 2012
Hello Traster,
I have 2 suggestions as follow:

1. polish your theme with brushed gray/metal (or color as in iTune panel color).
2. I use your theme in Elementary OS (Luna) and I see something is not good in look with the top panel. I want to make the panel (Luna call it as Wingpanel) smaller in size...Where is the code to change it in your theme? I wanna change something by myself. Please help me. - Apr 25 2012
We wait for non-stop development of this theme. Thx for your hard working. - Mar 01 2012
M waiting for so long for this theme to be updated to new version that can fix some problems in Ubuntu 12.04. Please... - Feb 27 2012
Please see the pictures below for more details about problem of this theme: - Feb 22 2012
After updating Ubuntu 12.04 (many updates day by day) the theme changes in appearance such as taskbar and border line of sidebar is black. So it doesnt look nice as before. Pleas check and fix this problem soon. I love this theme so much. Thx for ur care! - Feb 22 2012
I applied this theme (v.1.3.9) into Ubuntu 12.04, It's ok basicly. Now I wait for a best Lion icon theme for ubuntu 12.04, it will be perfect totally.
Thx for ur hard work. - Feb 19 2012
I applied this theme (v.1.3.8) in Ubuntu 12.04 (alpha 2). It's still ok but still have some problems not looking nice. Wish you will revise it for Ubuntu 12.04 as soon as possible.Thx so much. - Feb 17 2012
elementary GTK theme

GTK3 Themes 12 comments

Score 76.5%
Apr 30 2012
I used this theme in Luna OS, everything seems elegant but Nautilus. It looks ugly with sidebar and even toolbar. In this way, theme Gtk3 ElementaryM v0.1 is better:
Wish the author try to edit to make Nautilus look nicer. - May 01 2012
This theme is almost nice but Nautilus. Maybe this theme is used for Luna OS without Nautilus (Marlin replaced). I wonder if we can change the code to suit with Nautilus in look.

And I also want to change the code to make the Wingpanel (toppanel) change color/transparent (like Mac panel)...Please help me. Thx so much. - Apr 26 2012
elementary Gnome Panel mod 12.04

GTK3 Themes 3 comments

Score 70.0%
Apr 21 2012
I applied this theme into Luna OS and I realized that everything seems good but the top panel (Wingpanel). Below some indicators as time, icons on the top panel have a white line.Wish u have a try it in Luna to find the issue to fix. Thx in advance! - Apr 25 2012

GTK3 Themes 3 comments

Score 70.0%
Mar 06 2012
I like your theme so much but I want to make Nautilus background look like in Adwaita Cupertino (also as in Finder in Mac OSX). Please help me where to change the code to make it. Thx in advance! - Apr 24 2012

AWN Themes 4 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 29 2012
How about GTK3 theme in the screenshot? - Feb 29 2012

GTK3 Themes 23 comments

by pch76
Score 61.3%
Mar 05 2012
The menu appears on Unity panel looks very ugly (its not clear to read). How to change the code to make it clearer (menu items fonts is black for better appearance). - Feb 27 2012
Of course in Unity. - Feb 22 2012
This theme needs to improve more about the control buttons while maximize the windows and the menu appears on the panel.Thx so much. - Feb 22 2012
OSX icon theme port

Full Icon Themes 20 comments

Score 79.0%
Jan 27 2012
I like this theme very much, but after applying it into Ubuntu 12.04 (alpha 2), it's still not enough icons to fit. Wish the author continue developing it for ubuntu 12.04. Thx in advance. - Feb 17 2012
Black Glass Gnome-shell theme

Gnome Shell Themes 4 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 12 2011
In my screenshot, that is Adwaita Cupertino GTK3 theme. You can search to use it. - Dec 13 2011
Thank so much. M enjoying it! - Dec 13 2011

GDM Themes 15 comments

Score 71.3%
Mar 16 2019
How to apply this GDM theme in Fedora16 (Gnome 3.2)? - Dec 04 2011

Gnome Shell Themes 6 comments

Score 44.4%
Dec 26 2011
please tell me how to show the icons of running programs on top bar. I think we need to edit file gnome-shell.css but I dont't know which parameter? Thx in advance! - Nov 27 2011
The theme is nice, but I think that it looks nicer if you move icons on topbar closer together (or tell me how to do it).
Thx very much! - Nov 22 2011
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 74.6%
Feb 24 2012
FS Icons Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

Score 82.2%
9   Apr 14 2012

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 73.7%
9   Mar 31 2012
OSX icon theme port

Full Icon Themes
by N00bun2

Score 79.0%
9   Jan 30 2012
Gnome Cupertino

GTK3 Themes
by trastes

Score 74.6%
9   Nov 26 2011