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Ramón Miranda Segur de Calafell, Spain
Centipedes Acrylic Brushes

Gimp Brushes by centipede 5 comments

Thanks man, this is one of the most good comment that i read about GPS. i am very pleased to know that GPS is helping more and more people to achieve their creative projects. - Jan 06 2010
Gimp Splash screen (3 variants)

Gimp Splashes by tcharlss 10 comments

simply,beautifull. i like it a lot becouse blue combination with orange tones works perfect.I want to take a look more in deep.becouse this is probably the better splashcreen that i have seen in a long time. Maybe the tipography could be fixed a bit. it is ok for me for the future 2.8. good job - Jan 06 2010
Centipedes Acrylic Brushes

Gimp Brushes by centipede 5 comments

Hi man!
Your brushes are great. i want to use some of them in my project called GPS gimp paint studio.
my blog for more information.

so i am asking for your permission .

best regards - May 31 2009
GIMP Animated Letters Brush

Gimp Brushes by maidis 1 comment

Just a great idea and lot of work to make 58 ranks ., mines are usually 16 max.

I,m very intrigued for this brush. and probably make some picture with it .or maybe a doodle like inking .yeah i put into my gimp and active the size pressure and deactivate opacity. that will give me a very cool effect.

let´s try - Mar 29 2009