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Asif Ali Rizwaan
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SKY icons 0.7.3

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by dave
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Jan 24 2003
Klassic New Crisp Icons have better toolbar icons... - Oct 04 2002
As from the screen shot i can say that you've done a cool work! good luck to you... - Sep 05 2002
Klassic New Crisp Icons

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Aug 27 2002
I have concentrated more on mimetype (text, rpm, unknown) icons and toolbar icons. So, I will be concentrating more on application specific toolbar icons...

So please use other (whatever kicker icons) you like with Klassic_New icons. Say you like Crystal icons, then edit the index.desktop file in the Klassic_New folder and change "Inherits=hicolor" with "Inherits=Crystal".
- Aug 28 2002
drawing a new and unique icon for exec was difficult one. To make consistency I used it on Makefile. The Exec icon, is somewhat keramik window with k (go.png) in it, not from MS Windows!
BTW i will try to change Sound icon, as it looks ugly than other icons...

Thanks for your comments... - Aug 14 2002