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Oliver Bestmann
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KDE 3.x Splash Screens
Windowslike - random crashes

Utilities 33 comments

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Dec 29 2004
May be, but i didn't know what to do. And for KDE my skills are not high enoght and my code is to dirty... - Dec 30 2004
hm... but i'm too tired to change that, so that is not a bug, it's a feature...! - Dec 29 2004
i have not thought that you will like it so much :) - Dec 28 2004
KDE 3.4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 11 comments

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Nov 19 2004
hey this is cool...
can you send me the "project"-file with the layers or a PNG of this to KennyMcCormick(AT)
that would be very nice... - Nov 19 2004

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Oct 25 2004
yes, make me down, make me all down... :( - Oct 27 2004
sit down behind a router and try it again... i dont think, it will give you the real ip... maby the one from eth0 but not the ip fromt the router.. and i need this one, so i wrote this program

linux:/home/Foo # ifconfig
eth0 Protokoll:Ethernet Hardware Adresse 00:40:95:30:87:DC
inet Adresse: Bcast: Maske:
inet6 Adresse: fe80::240:95ff:fe30:87dc/64 G - Oct 25 2004

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Sep 11 2004
mh, if X6.8.0 works and XMMS too, than, maby i will try to make one... :) - Sep 11 2004
I thought it looks better :) if you want, i can make a version without the half X - Sep 11 2004

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

by PlayX
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Jul 30 2004
cool, do you have a version of the penguin with transparence? that would be great ^^ - Jul 30 2004