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mir nazish , India

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

dude what can I say ur theme is amazing - I have been searching and installing themes since ages, I never loved the darker themes and was never a fan of them, they were not perfect - contrast issues and so on. And then I found Shiki and I think I have found a solid theme which I'm going to stick with.

This theme looks professional very professional.

Keep up the good work dude.. hope to see a lot of improvements in the future.

Ah! I almost forgot u got a gr8 installer there. - Nov 04 2008
linux bliss

Wallpaper Other by thenazish 5 comments

do u guys have any ideas on improving this - Oct 16 2008
linux bliss

Wallpaper Other by thenazish 5 comments

hi jesterthejedi,
I completely agree with you that GNOME can do it and I also say that it ll definitely do better, and regarding the picture, it is one of my personal favourites and I just wanted to share with you all, no windows/Linux which works better concept involved here.

have a nice day. - Mar 05 2008

GTK2 Themes by 4kas 21 comments

I am sorry I gave the wrong link for royale blooper the actual link is

the royale blooper

once again gr8 work dude. - Nov 10 2007

GTK2 Themes by 4kas 21 comments

Congratulations 4kas, you made a great theme and I sincerely appreciate your effort, infact your gtkrc was so complete that I used it to submit my own theme
(the royale blooper

I owe you a sincere thanks as you saved me a lot of work.

keep up the great work - Nov 10 2007
the royale blooper

GTK2 Themes by thenazish 2 comments

thank you alex for the feedback and appreciation. You seem to have a great pair of eyes, I have already started working on the bug which you have noticed I ll soon release the update. - Nov 07 2007
Iphone GDM theme

GDM Themes by paullinux 14 comments

hi paullinux, gr8 work buddy, one of the most inspiring and innovative work to date here on this site. keep 'em coming - Apr 06 2007
ClawGDM (corporate style)

GDM Themes by saibaneko 6 comments

keep it up!! - Oct 20 2006
linux bliss

Wallpaper Other by thenazish 5 comments

thank u - Oct 17 2006
ubuntu bliss updated

Wallpapers Ubuntu by thenazish 3 comments

hi, thanx for the feed back have added the logo as requested still if u need any modifications do tell - Oct 15 2006