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Andreas Troschka
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

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Mar 02 2002
This a Top-five playing song. We actually have around 400 different nouances of Linux-Kernel-Based-Operating-Systems. Most of them have one or more Window Managers and at least one packaging system tailored for their specific monolithic filesystem setups.
At the opposite side, Windows is one operating system, limityed to one window manager and one filesystem (organized with as near as no restricted order).

You positively have to consider every "distro" as a particular operating system with its rules.
There are two ways to get an application to run on a particular distro:
a) installing it from the distro's repository with the appropriate package manager; if the application is missing you have to ask the community or the developer to package it or you can do it by yourself;

b) getting the sources from the developer and compiling them by yourself as the developer instructs; take in mind that the developer can't have the necessary know-how for compiling his application on every operating system!

The reason most applications are Ubuntu ready is very simple, Ubuntu is the most spread Linux Kernel Based Operating System! and its community is very large so most developers will service their applications for this O.S..

Installing a rarely used and supported distro and requiring to have a significantly filled repository is like going into a mexican restaurant and asking for russian caviar...

Apart from this I sustain that developers should develop their applications without writing code working with one window manager only or with a particular filesystem organisation in mind.
Applications, where applicable, should be installed and work in/from userspace only. - Nov 27 2011