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Apr 14 2003
I've put them on the todo list.
But the todo list is getting longer, so I can't promise anything. - Apr 15 2003
I have planned to open a project at sourceforge. But I haven't managed to write the project description yet. - Apr 15 2003
There are not so many changes. But I'll be away for about two weeks, so I released what I currently have.

Changes since version 0.16
- Karamba: Added topbar, bottombar, and ontop options.
- CPU sensor: Added %user, %system, %nice, %idle and %load to
Thanks to Bruno Dufour:
- Disk sensor: Added %fp (free space, percentage) and
%up (used space, percentage) to format - Apr 14 2003
I'm glad you got it working at last. - Apr 14 2003
This could work as a solution until Karamba gets a proper support for sessions. - Apr 12 2003
I havn't run konfabulator myself. But as far as I know you make your konfabulator stuff as java scripts.
I havn't planned Karamba to be this flexible. But I have thought of making it possible to close, start, and update Karamba themes from a script using a dcop interface. - Apr 12 2003
Thanks for your tip.
I have tested some strut stuff now, so there will be some support for this in the next version. - Apr 12 2003
I'm glad you like it. - Apr 12 2003
I don't have an icon.
Making good icons is really hard, so I havn't managed to make any.

Is there any icon makers out there?
Karamba sounds Mexican to me, so perhaps a Crystal-style sombrero could be nice. - Apr 12 2003
I can't really see in your screenshots,
but there is a bug in Karamba that gives weird graphic when your background is only a solid color, a gradient, or a pattern.
This bug can be "solved" by creating a transparent .png in GIMP ( the size can be 1x1 pixel) and set this image as the background picture. - Apr 12 2003
try align=center on your text - Apr 10 2003
Good work!
I put this text on Karamba's page as it can be very helpful.

Thanks. - Apr 08 2003
I thought i was fixed, it works for me.
But there are still problems if you have a single color background or some of the gradients. - Apr 08 2003
It will be possible in the next version to get the load of an individual CPU or all of them. - Apr 08 2003
This could be cool and useful.
But I don't know if I can or will do this. - Apr 08 2003
There are currently no support for color schemes or styles. - Apr 08 2003
0.15 is released now.
No new features, but two annoying problems are fixed.
The network sensor now have a DEVICE parameter so one can chose wich network device to use.
The disk sensor can now get informatiom from mounted network filesystems. - Apr 06 2003
I'm glad you got it running.

To get these functions to work you must have some scripts.
You can find the scripts here: - Apr 06 2003
I don't really know what the problem is,
but here comes 2 different things you can try.
1) cd to the karamba-0.142/src direcory and type:
for i in *.h; do moc -o `basename $i .h`.moc $i; done
cd .. ; make

2) cd to the karamba-0.142 directory and type:
make -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure && make

Anyone that know the cause (or solution) of this problem? - Apr 05 2003
Some sort of resolution tag could be nice.
But it is also possible to make themes that look good even if you change the resolution.

The performance depends mostly on how often you update things. For example, fetching and displaying news from a website every 30 minutes shouldn't be a performance problem.
Almost no work is done in the time between the updates. - Apr 05 2003
Can you please try this:

Any improvements? - Apr 05 2003
Try this version:

in the file

Put the line
#include <qwidget.h>
#include <krootpixmap.h>

The result:
#include <qwidget.h>
#include <krootpixmap.h>
#include <ksharedpixmap.h>

Any success? - Apr 05 2003
Please test if this version fixes it: - Apr 05 2003
Does it work better if you change from
XML V4.2-Based Variant V1.1//EN
XML V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.0//EN
in the file
? - Apr 05 2003
I don't know how to fix this.

But you can try this:
Make a transparent 1x1 pixel .png image in Gimp and select it as your wallpaper.

This works for me (KDE from CVS). The gradients are shown and Karamba are displayed correctly.
- Apr 04 2003
I'm working on some issues.

I'm replacing some functions to be more QT3.0 compatible:
QString::replace( char, char)

I'm a QT/KDE beginner, so I don't really know if there are more 3.1-only functions.
- Apr 04 2003
I'll try to look at it. - Apr 04 2003
I can't say that google really shows the beauty of this script =)

Many thanks uga for helping everbody with the problems. - Apr 03 2003
I havn't had the time yet to upload this.
I'll do this so soon, I hope... - Apr 03 2003
The wallpaper is submitted now. - Apr 03 2003
Are you running kdesktop? - Apr 03 2003
Do not forget to visit Samurize
You can find a lot of nice graphics and ideas here.

Thanks for all comments and compliements!

Can someone confirm that the XMMS problem is solved? - Apr 03 2003
I've tried to fix the XMMS related compilation problems.

Please try this new version if you had problems with earlier versions.
So, is 0.12 better or worse? - Apr 02 2003
I've made a perl script that parses the weather from So it's Sweden only.
I havn't had any time to publish the script yet. The XMMS problem have the highest priority right now. - Apr 02 2003
If you have compilation problems due to XMMS you can try this XMMS-free version:

There can be other problems with this version, so consider it to even more experimental than the standard Karamba. - Apr 02 2003
The files must have the executable.
Can be fixed with "chmod u+x thefile"
The example configs require that the scripts are in the path, i.e., that they can be run from a terminal by just typing the name in any directory.
But you can edit the configs so that the point directly to the script.
- Apr 02 2003
XMMS is a problem right now. I am a complete autoconf-newbie so the XMMS-paths (or lack of XMMS) are not handled by the configure script :(

Are there any out there that can help me with this? - Apr 02 2003
> Wouldn't it be possible to do this independently from KDE and qt?

I don't think it's impossible.
But for me it's much easier to do it with KDE/qt, and that is what I use. - Apr 02 2003
I'm sorry to dissapoint you...
But it's a KDE-only desktop without any fake gimping =)

The screenshot shows "Karamba", a little KDE project i've been working on lately.
Karamba is a simple rip-off of the Windows program Samurize.

I'll try to release some sources soon.
But right now I'm quite busy with school work.

- Apr 01 2003
by uga
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Oct 14 2003
If you don't have latest 'make' you can try this:

[hk@h55b123 Cursors]$ cd sources ; for i in `find . | egrep \.conf$`; do xcursorgen $i ../cursors/`basename $i .conf`; done;

'make install' works fine now

- Feb 14 2003

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Nov 18 2002
Feel free to upload your version
- Nov 19 2002
Thanks for your comments.

Here comes your reward... =)
I made a new darker version. I think the new one is nicer than the original. - Nov 18 2002
Dynamic Menu

Various Stuff 86 comments

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Oct 27 2002
This one looks real good.

Make the buttons to the right customizable/optional and most people would love this menu (that's my guess).

Example: Let the user pick 0 to 5 buttons from a nice set of special buttons(plugins) and put them on the right side of his/her K menu.

Some buttons that can be useful:
mail checker, schedule, recent docs (like the screenshot)
recent apps, most popular apps, find, help, quick browse, run command.

And maybe:
hardware monitor (mem,swap,disks,temp,...), mount applet, news, weather, TV programs

- Oct 22 2002

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Oct 09 2002
Maya - Oct 09 2002
Everything is rendered in 3d. - Oct 08 2002
The Lord Of The Kernels

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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May 24 2002
You can also see Linux as the saviour of the free world.
You need many LEGO skeletons to defeat "Emperor Gates"'s evil empire...
- May 25 2002
I can agree that the image maybe not works as a wallpaper.
But is the quality so bad?
LEGO bricks don't look that good in reality either ;) - May 25 2002
I used MLCad for the modelling and POV-Ray to render the scene. - May 25 2002