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Josh The jaunt
Gear Head

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 4 comments

It was large then 300kb so i had to take a screen shot. - Feb 17 2006
Gear Head

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 4 comments

The preview is very low quality when you dl it its much nicer! - Feb 16 2006
god vs thedevil

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 6 comments

Thanx for all the compliments this one took me a little while but it payed off. Oh and i kind of figured that some people wouldnt like the mindphuck in the bottom left hand corner but it is a mindphuck wallpaper so you can just edit it out if you want no biggy.
My brother and i are going to start a company called mindphuck soon and we hope to change the way people think. Im not sure where I got the clip of the magician I think my brother got it somewheres ill ask him I just seen it on my machine and i liked it so i used it .Im going to post some more reall soon thanx peace out for now. - Jan 15 2004

Wallpaper Other by jscott 2 comments

thats a dope wallpaper right there respect much love. peace - Jan 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by thejaunt 4 comments

yeah Maui 15 youre right .I would rather here the truth of someones opinions then the lies. Thats actually the whole point of this mindphuck project of mine thanx for being honest Maui and thanks to crayola for sticking up for my work in a sense you are both correct .I understand where you guys are coming from. - Jan 05 2004