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GTK2 Themes by MiXa 15 comments

Where can I get that Metacity theme ?? - Jan 31 2005

GTK2 Themes by w-Tarchalski 14 comments

What's that program with browsing the pictures called ? - Jan 13 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

First you will need the .pngs for the icons he has in his panel.

If you have access to an OS X box, convert the .icns (which can sometimes be found in side the .apps since they basically are directories. Example: right click on, click show contents (or something or other of those words, not those words though), ./contents/resources/compass.icns.

Convert them to .png or find the .pngs on sites somewhere I suppose.

Next, you must be using Gnome (duh). Look for a window decoration that you like which is a Mac Style, you can find them here at gnome-look and, or:

Download one you like. .tar.gz Click on the Gnome menu on your gnome panel (on mine I see the Gnome logo with "Applications" next to it, that's mine for example), click Desktop Prefrecnes, click on Theme. Click Install Theme.

Close the Theme window, open it again (via the menu) and select the (for example) Aqua Extreme theme and you will see your windows take shape to the theme :). - Jan 10 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

One MORE thing, you DO NOT have to run Enlightenment's WM to run Engage.

Engage may be used ON TOP of any other WM, including and certainly not limited to WindowMaker, KDE, Gnome, IceBox, FluxBox etc etc. - Jan 10 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

When I recomended Engage I was thinking of usability, not stability.

If you refuse to use Engage because it hasn't been declared "officially stable" then do you mean to tell me that INTERNET EXPLORER was superior to Safari when Apple's Safari was in version 0.7 and microsuck had already stopped development for IE because of Safari ?!

I have Engage, It works GREAT. It hasn't crashed ONCE.

Although the iconified window thing on the right needs some work, it's a GREAT launcher that is superior to the other "docks" even with the software engine.

And. . the first thing I said, being forwarded to the screen shot, yours is under "themes / styles", I made it clear, correct me if I am wrong. SO my question is answered, you only submitted a screenshot.

Engage is the only dock that feels remotely like (and it DOES feel very much like) Apple's

Nothing will give more of a Mac feel than Engage. . as far as panels/launchers go.

By the way, it's so reliable and usable it has more use than anything else on my desktop, and it launches automatically.

If you have trouble compiling it, then you have a hardware/distro issue. That's not Engage's fault. - Jan 10 2005
another osx-like desktop

GTK1 Themes by neonide 11 comments

Good theme :).

First, the download link is broken; I'm forwarded to the screenshot.

Your second problem is, you're using the Gnome Panel.

Get Enlightenment's Engage, it's a Mac OS X Dock clone. Not nearly as user friendly (not idiot friendly, cause I know people too stupid to use it, they actually believe Microsoft Word's installation resides entirely in thier dock icon) as Mac OS X's, but it performs the same, and because of OpenGL, it takes up very little resources and works great. - Jan 08 2005