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Hayri Bakici
Plasma 4 Extensions
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Plasma 4 Extensions 3 comments

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Aug 27 2011
Do you mean a menu that also appears when you do right that shows the closing,maximizing, minimizing etc.? Or what menu are you talking about? :) - Aug 27 2011
KDE Smooth

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Feb 03 2010
although the kde icon is too gradient to me, but the screenshot looks really awesome. playful but still taken seriously. i would use your theme immediately.

greetz - Feb 03 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 58 comments

Score 79.5%
Feb 22 2010
Hey man, this is a great idea. Its a little bit unusual, because when i want to make my window smaller, i go with my mousepointer to the center of the titlebar and doubleclick. Nevertheless, you nailed it. keep it up.

best regards - Jan 25 2010

Full Icon Themes 11 comments

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Oct 07 2010
Thanks dude!
it really awesome. it's kinda making me more relaxed.

greetz - Nov 04 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 2 comments

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Oct 14 2009
i can translate from turkish to english, if you want :)

greetz - Oct 13 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 13 comments

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Jun 25 2009
Thanks for your suggestion.
Unfortunately i stopped coding on this because i am focussing on silk right now...

so sorry about that.
I hope i'll pick it up again.

thanks for liking it:)

greetz - Oct 13 2009

greetz - Jul 16 2009
But still.
My plans are to make a fancyer K-Menu, because the greyish look of the K-Menu is not fitting into the plasma-theme.

So thank you for your comment. it is motivating me to keep on coding.

greetz - Jul 08 2009
Damn, you are right. :D
Well thank you for your comment.

- Jun 29 2009
I am glad that you like it!

Can you tell me, how i can do it better for you?

Can you show me a screenshot of you desktop, i am anxious :).

greetz - Jun 26 2009
I am glad that you like it :)
The wallpaper is.

greetz - Jun 26 2009

QtCurve 83 comments

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Jan 27 2011
Hey, i know this is offtopic, but can you show your whole desktop? im really interested.

thanks - Sep 26 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 33 comments

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Mar 13 2011
Hey there!

As i promised, i'll write back. This time i tried your textLaunch applet. Its a really cool idea. I wanted to place it to a upper panel. Since i dont want to have this panel too big, i made it a little smaller. But the Buttons of TextLaunch arent getting smaller. So it would be cool, when the buttons are (in that case) flexible.

Another suggestion: you can pre-config this launcher by reading the kickoff-favorites.

greetz - Sep 26 2009
Hey man!

Really Nice idea. I havent tried it yet, because i dont have internet on my computer, but when i will, i`ll definetely write you a comment that has much more content than this one :)

greetz - Sep 11 2009
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 570 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.4%
Jun 10 2012
Really tasks and launchers are already merged? i didnt find the option, where you can do this. Can you please tell me?

about the favorites:
the kickoff plasmoid has some nice classes like favoritesmodel etc. does all the work for you to get access to the kickoff favorites.
then you can get them by using some kind of "view"-class(ListView,TreeView etc) to display them.

greetz - Aug 13 2009

great plasmoid!

i have a question, if it is somehow possible to merge tasks and launchers together in one plasmoid?

okay, booooh on me, but this concept of merging tasks and launchers is the only way to save space on the panel and have launchers right away.

OR: you can set the launcher automatically by using the users kickoff favorites.

greetz - Aug 12 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 8 comments

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Aug 02 2009
studivz sucks, it will never come as close as facebook. But nevertheless good plasmoid. How did you get access to their API? i know that the API of studi, mein and schuelervz are only for commercial use.

greetz from Berlin - Aug 02 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 32 comments

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Aug 14 2009
That is a really awesome thing.

greetz - Jun 12 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

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Jan 17 2013
Berlin - Jun 05 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets 55 comments

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Jul 16 2012
Nice Idea!
But i think it's too futuristic.
It's just my opinion..:)
To tell you the truth, i don't like dark themes as well and dark icons would be the tip of the iceberg..

greetz - May 19 2009