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Daniel Stoeckel
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Free Music Charts

Amarok 2.x Scripts 14 comments

Score 58.6%
Mar 23 2012
First of all: very nice script!

However I do have some suggestions, that would make it even more awesome:
- Allow to listen to the ogg version of the individual songs
- Allow to copy the ogg version of the individual songs to the local collection
- Amarok seems to screw up the order in which the tracks are added to the playlist whenever you drag a top level item to the playlist (this doesn't happen when you select all songs and drag them to the playlist as a package)

I am not sure whether the last one is a bug in the script or one in Amarok, though...

Anways, thanks again for your work :-) - Mar 24 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

Score 85.2%
Jan 17 2013
Hi, first of all thanks for this nice plasmoid.

However there is a small bug. It displays the same connection twice (with one minute delay). This might be due to the fact, that there is another bus stop nearby...

I am using version 0.5.4 and the data provider. My home stop is: "Universit├Ąt Mensa, Saarbr├╝cken"

Other random suggestions:
- Allow the use of regular expressions as filters
- Allow to filter by line

But all in all, it is really working great :-) - Sep 16 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 125 comments

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Nov 14 2006
I suppose the reason for this is that KWin manages the global shortcuts used to show Kommando. If Beryl does not support them... An possible solution would be to bind the toggle dcop call to a key using xbindkey (or whatever its name is ;-) This solution should be Windowmanager independent. - Mar 27 2007
Its a great feeling to know that people like one's application :-)

For catching mouse events: I am sure if you have enough knowledege of x11 it's not that hard... - Nov 18 2006
Yes, there is:
Head to KControl->KDE-Components->Services
(hope it's called like that in english)
You will find an entry for Kommando there. Just select it and hit the start/stop button - Nov 18 2006
The solution is simple: There are no binarys. Kommando runs as a kded module, thats one of the .la files. The config dialog runs as a KControl module, thats the other one. Perhaps i should have mentioned, that one should first configure the old sources, make uninstall and then install the new kommando version, in order to remove all old binarys... - Nov 17 2006
Sounds good, for the next release I am planning to improve selection anyway and this feature should be easy to implement.
Question is: When will I have time for a new release? :D - Nov 16 2006
Ahem....... are you sure this patch is in the tarball? I can't figure it out how to do it, so i suppose it got lost somewhere on my hard drive at home :-(
If you still have it lying around somewhere please send it to me..
Again I'm terribly sorry :( - Nov 14 2006
Sorry, couldn't remember it. I am sure I forgot other things, too:D - Nov 14 2006
Oh, it runs great on mine. And I heard no one complaining about performance. So why don't you just try it out ;-)

(Sorry for responding so late) - Apr 03 2006
Just in case you mean something like mouse gestures: You can easily achieve this effect via KControl. Everything you have to do is to activate mouse gestures and bind the following dcop call to a new gesture:
dcop kommando Menu show

the main difficulty should be digging around in KControl to find the appropriate settings ;-) - Mar 03 2006
This is a KDE 3.5 specific bug, it is already mentioned under known issues, but thanks anyway fo reporting - Feb 07 2006
I dont know it.
But i think there is a way, maybe if i look at the kicker code i might find something useful :-> - Feb 04 2006

What do you mean with: make it bounce
like the icons in MacOS Dashboard? (or however it is called) - Jan 27 2006
I have Suse 10 and Kde 3.5 too and averything just works fine...
Did you ensure that libacl is installed on your system and that the linker is configured properly? - Jan 23 2006
Thanks, but I'm going to release a bugfix version this evening. If you provide a package of this version again, I will add the link. - Jan 20 2006
omg! this is my fault! I didn't switch KApplication back to KUniqueApplication!
looks like as if it is time for a bugfix release... - Jan 20 2006
Hmm, can't find it in kcontrol...
Anyway. In these menus you can add commands to be executed. there you have to type:

dcop kommando Menu show

then kommando pops up. I hope this helped you ;-) - Jan 19 2006
Should work if you add a
#include < stdlib.h >
on top of configuration.cpp

i am adding this to the package, thanks - Jan 19 2006
I agree with you that i could do something that shows the buttons name, like a tooltip or tolltips that show up when you press shift.

About the on the fly calculation: It is possible to do this, but all that algorithm could do is shrinking the buttonsize or enlarging the radius. But this simply does not help if you have too many buttons, it still would not make the menu useable.

Maybe I can implement the KMenu parsing feature later, but i think that it is a feature you really can live without and so its priority is quite low.

But anyway, thanks for discussing ;-) - Jan 19 2006
i am not really sure what you mean, but if you intend to add a command to a menu, then dcop should be the right thing for you - Jan 18 2006
i gave you a little more credit in the changelog ;-)
And no need to hurry with the patch if you could do it in one or two month, then maybe i (lazy bone No.1) have touched the Kommando code again :D - Jan 18 2006
nice idea. should be no problem to do this! - Jan 18 2006
No, it is not possible to import the whole kmenu yet. It should be no problem to implement this, but personally i don't see the use of doing this because KMenu is HUGE in comparison with a normal Kommando menu. So it will get very hard to find the right button for the programm you search if you do not know the menu by heart. To make all the buttons displayable you would need to turn the iconsize down, too, which of course results again in worse usability. And last but not least, there are only few applications which you need frequently: konsole, kwrite etc. there is no waste of time if you start kdevelop once or twice a day through kmenu ;-) - Jan 18 2006
you could realize this via xbindkeys and a dcop call. just catch the buttonpress then check after about one second wether it is still pressed then call the menu via dcop.
I know this is not the optimal way to do it, but it is not on my todo list to implemnt this in near future.
Anyway thanks for using my app :) - Jan 17 2006
I already got a patch which allows to import a KMenu entry of your choice (no complete folders though) this will be in the next release. But I doubt that it would be useful to completely import KMenu, because it is rather large, which slows down navigation. - Jan 09 2006
Those are known issues, they unfortunatly won't be addressed in 0.3.0, but I am planning to take a look at it for version 0.4.0

But as I'm kind of busy with studying it might take some time :( - Oct 20 2005
This is already done in my development version and it works fine ;-) - Oct 06 2005
To 1: I see your point. Aiming with a Laptop integrated mouse can really be a pain in one's... well. There was another request to make the menu navigatable with the mosue wheel and I think both resemble each other if it comes to term of implementation. I'll add it to my todo list ;-)

To 2: This makes sense too. But it is not that easy to implement. I'll keep it in mind, but don't expect it in a releas in near future - Oct 02 2005
Well, to be honest I no merely nothing about dco, so there will be some need to dive a little into the matter. but your right it could be useful especially for the ones having problems with the shortcut. I'll take a look at it, but do not expect it to get into 0.3.0, only if it is really easy to implement :-D - Oct 01 2005
Thanks for testing! I'm trying to fix this shortcut issue first, because I really think this is the biggest annoyance in the whole program. But i'll keep your other suggestions in mind, too. In fact I think not making it customizable would be a real sin ;-) - Oct 01 2005
Thanks for the package, if you could give me the link, I will post it.
And no, there is no convenient way to change the icon size, you could of course hack the source code. - Oct 01 2005
again overlooked something -.-
didn't see you use xvkbd... i'll take a look at it - Sep 28 2005
I might have an explanation for problem No.2 . IMHO xbindkeys does not seem able to remap mouse input like imwheel does it "only" executes shell commands if it recognizes a certain input (if i didn't, like so often, overlook something ;-) ).
You should try to invoke the menu with the default key combination. If it still doesn't show up under the mouse cursor let me know.

The first problem really makes me wonder, because there are only 3 conditions the menu should disappear:
1. You click a button.
2. The menu widget loses focus.
3. The application crashes :D
are there perhaps any X events you trigger unintentionally by moving away from the middle button, which could make the window lose focus? - Sep 28 2005
Wow, really a nice theme! I'll keep this mousewheel rotation thing in mind, could really be useful!
But i don't think i will be able to implement the transparent background, or better: i should not implement it the way it is in Superkaramba. All they do is in fact taking a screenshot of the position the window is placed on and set this screenshot as background of the window. This looks fine as long as you stay above the background image itself but as soon as icons or other windows get covered it looks as if some western hero shot them, you can see right through... :(
If there is anybody around who can tell me how to do really transparent backgrounds you can bet that i will use them ;-) - Sep 27 2005
Thank you!
I am already working on this :) - Sep 27 2005
Thanks, corrected it. But as it really is not critical the change will ship with the next release. Anyway it seems as if I should really concentrate more on the details... - Sep 26 2005
At the moment it is just a global menu, but I have considered providing better integration into KDE. But as a context sensitive menu is much trickier to create than a static one, this has to wait until a later state of development (if i am good enough to program it :-D ) - Sep 26 2005
"Fehler!" means that the config file is not in place or could not be opened. Make sure that you've copied .kommandorc provided with the source code into your home directory. Or, if its already there, ensure that you have the rights needed to read it.
I know that copying or creating the configfile manually is not very convenient and im working on a configuration dialog for the next release. - Sep 26 2005
ouch! that hurts!
you're right! should have slept a little longer maybe... i will provide a fix soon - Sep 26 2005
Thanks for reporting the compilation error, I am really puzzeld how this could compile cleanly on my box...

However in my opinion there is no real need to construct mainWin with kommandoui.rc, (or assign it in the constructor itself) as the widget is only used as a canvas for drawing onto. All gui components are created on the fly. - Sep 26 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

by dbera
Score 50.0%
Jan 17 2008
The question should be: "Why did some guys make gnome if KDE already existed"
Just to keep it in the right chronological order ;-)

But I agree with what you wish to say^^ - Mar 19 2006
ding - kicker applet (kding)

Utilities 5 comments

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Sep 17 2005
Just run configure with --prefix=/path/to/kde/
This helped in my case. However kding 0.3.1 crashes kicker everytime I try to insert it. I use SuSe 9.3 Professional with KDE 3.4. If you want I can submit you the backtrace. - Sep 26 2005