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sylvain Bouveret , France
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Kubuntu DVD/CD Cover

CD/DVD Labels 11 comments

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Jul 15 2007
Glad you liked my work (thanks for using it). Your cover looks really great! - Jul 07 2007

Wallpapers Kubuntu 2 comments

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May 09 2007
Thanks for the compliment! I will for sure make more themes, if I have time to do it (which will probably not be the case for the next months, but maybe later in the future...). - Jun 17 2007

KDM3 Themes 12 comments

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May 08 2007
First you need to have the KDM Theme Manager installed. Download the theme file (which is a .tar.gz file), then open your KDE Control Center, and go to System Administration -> KDM Theme Manager. Click Administrator Mode, enter root Password. Then click Install new theme, and choose the downloaded .tar.gz file.

This should work (at least it works on my two computers). Hope this helps ! - May 16 2007
Thank you all for your comments [this is my very first theme -- I didn't expect such a success!]. I just uploaded wallpaper versions of the two themes. Enjoy! - May 09 2007