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Mister McFakeName
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Feb 06 2017
Hah, no problem. I've actually had this uploaded for a while now, but the kde-look to KDE Store shift made the package disappear and I had issues with reuploading it for a while. Now that the package is redundant do you want me to delete it or leave it up for the link? - Feb 06 2017
Breeze GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes 34 comments

Score 80.6%
Sep 13 2018
The theme is quite rough around the edges, but it's already decent and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops! - Aug 30 2015

Plasma 5 Multimedia 41 comments

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Aug 06 2017
Now it works, thanks! - Jul 29 2015
I'm currently on Plasma 5.3, and Playbar doesn't seem to work. It shows a small media player icon and clicking on it brings up a popup saying:

"Error loading QML file: file:///home/blue/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids/audoban.applet.playbar/contents/ui/main.qml:26:1: Script plasmapackage:/code/utils.js unavailable
plasmapackage:/code/utils.js: Network error"

I checked and utils.js is present in the directory it should be in. What's the problem?
- Jul 27 2015

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Out of interest, do you plan on porting SoundKonverter to Qt and Frameworks 5? - Apr 07 2015
Evolvere Icon theme [DUPLICATE]

Full Icon Themes 194 comments

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Feb 24 2015
Hello! As much as I like the generic Evolvere mail icon, I would love it if you could make an icon for Thunderbird. You know, Firefox style.

Thank you for reading! - Jun 21 2014
Since my repos don't have any newer KDE version (4.11.5) I decided to manually set every missing icon through the Kickoff "Edit Applications" menu. Took a while, but everything is now consistent.

Great theme by the way! - Jun 12 2014
I found and deleted the thumbnail cache, but icon-cache doesn't exist. None of the themes I have change those icons, not even the GNOME theme.

Do you have any idea what the cause of this may be? - Jun 11 2014
I absolutely love this icon pack, but I have to ask about this one. In the KDE Kickoff Launcher, the categories do not have icons. Would you consider making some icons for these? Oxygen and Evolvere really don't mix very well.

Picture for demonstration: - Jun 10 2014
Score 80.6%
Sep 10 2015

Plasma 5 Multimedia
by audoban

Score 85.2%
Jul 29 2015
Score 80.6%
9   Aug 30 2015

Plasma 5 Multimedia
by audoban

Score 85.2%
9   Jul 29 2015