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mate i'm on ubuntu 9.04 & as for the terminal its GNOME Terminal 2.26.0,hope this helps bud,cheers.. - Aug 01 2009
Ring sensors hotified

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sorted it excuse my noobness just need to know the script i need to put into my start up so these things will boot,any help would be much appreciated cheers.. - Jul 31 2009
thx 4 the quick reply m8,na still same bug bud theres no option in properties to block it etc either the clock worx fine bro just as soon as i kill the terminal window the clock dies with it.nothing i have found on google to date either,strange.. - Jul 30 2009
thx 4 the reply johnny much appreciated bud.i've hit a snag with this clock the last few days mate regarding a terminal window coming up all the time wen i boot it & wen eva i close terminal the clock goes down with it,it might have sumfin 2 do wif me usin bleach bit to get sum drive space back?ive reinstalled many times now & cant seem to google up a fix on this 1 johnny u got sum advice for me bro? cheers.. - Jul 30 2009
Ring sensors hotified

Conky by phnomet 10 comments

excuse my noobness sorry guys but how do u get the multi ring set up? i can only get 1 ring this end (cpu) cheers.. - Jul 30 2009
i'm 2 days into linux bro so ur noob tute worked wonders 4 me thanks heaps mate cheers.. - Jul 23 2009