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Kevin Milner
Clear Weather Screenlet

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by Whise
Score 55.0%
May 11 2008
You have to change a couple lines to get it to work, the 2 urlopen(... commands.

Line 135 for me (I have patched it previously though, so might not be the same line):

data = urlopen(''+self.ZIP+'?cc=*&dayf=10&prod=xoap&par=1003666583&key=4128909340a9b2fc&unit='+unit+'&link=xoap').read()

and Line 161:

data = urlopen(''+self.ZIP+'?cc=*&dayf=10&prod=xoap&par=1003666583&key=4128909340a9b2fc&unit='+unit+'&hbhf=12'+'&link=xoap').read()

restart the screenlet, and your golden.

You can also just add +'&link=xoap' to the end of the URL's manually. - May 09 2008
All Core CPU Usage Screenlet

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by ashy
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Feb 21 2008
for me, it brings my Xorg process to around 8% (core 2 duo 2.5 GHz), and about 15% if text shadows are on. I'm running this on the compiz fusion widget layer (or was until I noticed this usage) - Mar 10 2008