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Jean-Luc Aubert Tarare, France
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Plasma 4 Extensions by conrausch 75 comments

My bad, after checking the source code I understood why I had an issue. The regex checking simply reject the name of my local network, so, the mistake is on my side, not yours :) - Aug 16 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions by conrausch 75 comments

First of all thank you, I find it to be a good idea :)
There seems to be a little problem though, unless I do something wrong or it's related to Gentoo. When I enter, either a server name, or an ip address and close the configuration dialog. I only see "No servers configured" and if I reopen the configuration dialog, the "General" part, where the server should be is empty. It might be the way it's installed on (maybe some write permission problem). Anyway, I wouldn't mind creating a configuration file by hand (We are used to it on Gentoo ;) ) but I'd like to know what syntax I should use and where I should put it :) Thank you in advance J-L - Aug 16 2009
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Wallpaper Other by Fisch2008 2 comments

Lovely, I like it :) - Aug 11 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by PlasmaFactory 94 comments

I already envision endless hours of fun with this one, thank you very much :) - Jul 25 2009
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Plasma 4 Extensions by DanaKil 62 comments

Very useful, thanks a lot :) - Jul 25 2009
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Plasma Color Schemes by downdiagonal 4 comments

I agree with the previous comment, it's very hard to find / create a dark theme which is both pleasant to look at and where you still can read the text and you achieved both goals nicely. Thank you very much :) - Jul 24 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions by jaegerschnitzel 1069 comments

As the title says, thank you very much for this very nice plasmoid. I really, really like it :) - Jul 24 2009
Plasma: Oxygen - Panel

Yakuake Skins by hellblade 12 comments

Excellent work on this one :) - Jun 27 2009
Simple Dark Yakuake Theme

Yakuake Skins by game-flea 6 comments

A very nice theme for my favorite application, thank you very much :) - Jun 27 2009

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Not very constructive, I know, but I really wanted to say thank you :) I'm a very big console user, and it means, I'm a very big yakuake user :-) For me it's probably one of the most useful addition to KDE I've ever used, thank you, thank you, thank you :) - May 02 2009
Jul 27 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by PlasmaFactory

Jul 25 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by ivancukic

Jul 24 2009

Video Apps
by rvm

Jul 07 2009

System Software
by Sho

Jul 07 2009