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Ultimate Edition 3.0?

GTK2 Themes by TheeMahn 10 comments

Fortunately, because if that were the case, I don't think I'd use Linux!! - Sep 20 2011

GTK2 Themes by Fiend3d 52 comments

Thank you very much for this theme. I just love it!

A little suggestion... What about making this theme red? Like Debian installer theme, same red.

And another version could be green, like Linux Mint.

Thanks again. - Dec 10 2010
I have two questions related to this thread, maybe someone can help me answer them.

First I would like to know if there is a way to change the icon label's text alignment, because the alignment set by default is "left", and I would like it to be center.

The other question is if there is a way to change the name of the icon, for example, instead of "Home", "My Home" or something like that.

If anyone knows, please let me know.

Cheers, - Jul 20 2010
Murrine Xfwm Theme

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by cimi86 2 comments

Hey, one question... How did you manage to change the names of the desktop icons' tags?

Thanks for the theme, is great! - Jul 19 2010
4 .6
3   Sep 20 2011

by mdh3ll

8 .4
9   Jan 21 2011
Wood Theme

by keithhedger

7 .5
9   Jan 17 2011

GTK2 Themes
by Perberos

6 .8
9   Jan 17 2011
7 .6
9   Jan 17 2011
7 .8
9   Jan 02 2011