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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 33 comments

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Apr 16 2005
You probably have to install the development packages for kde. I don't know what these are called in Mandrake, try to find something like 'kdebase-dev', 'kdelibs-dev' etc.
Hope that helps. - Aug 19 2005
Do you mean the trashcan on the desktop or is there some other trashcan I've missed?
In the case of the trashcan on the desktop, I don't really see any easy path for converging the two. - Apr 17 2005
Thanks for the feedback!
I've included the --prefix option in the description. - Jul 02 2004
There are two possibilities, as I see it.
1. The applet is too dark.
2. There is something wrong with starting the applet.

In the first scenario, I'll make brighter versions sometime this week.

In the second, do a tail -200 ~/.xsession-errors for eventual error messages on startup. - Jun 29 2004
Thanks for the feedback!

The --prefix addition is a nice one, but i think "exit" is bash specific.
What kind of hardware are you running on? In worst case it uses 2% of my cpu, I've got an NVIDIA 4200Ti card. The reason it is quite heavy is the faked phong-shading of the lights, which makes use of something like approx 4000 polygons :) I can probably reduce a lot :)

I figured the applet is kind of dark when not using a LCD Screen, any comments? - Jun 28 2004
Agreed! I've updated the guide. - Jun 25 2004
I've removed the qtlogo.bmp from the makefiles, so if you download it again it might work better. - Jun 17 2004
Then one of the goals are acheived :)
But do download the latest version! It's trimmed and bugfixed.. - Jun 12 2004

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Dec 20 2004
The image is a bit dark even on a very good lcd screen but I gave it a plus for quality anyways :) - Dec 20 2004

Cursors 11 comments

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Nov 27 2004
Wonderful :) - Jul 18 2004
The hotspot on the resize cursors seems to be set in the same place as the arrow. I think it would be more natural to have these centered.

Awsome theme anyways, well done :) - Jul 17 2004