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carcamo giovanni

Various Games by PikoPiko 26 comments

excellent congratulations.

single lack that distributes like .rpm and .deb so that it is to standar like zsnes. I always wanted something thus for kde, the other is bad since Gamefu is not standard and I do not like. On the other hand dejame decirte that you follow with the project.


it pardons badly by my English - Aug 01 2007
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

the rpm for mandriva of vistesque-mod.

by kenmaster - May 11 2007
Vista looking KDE - Day 1

KDE Plasma Screenshots by zammi 3 comments

donde encontraste ese theme de metabar??


excelente trabajo, felicitaciones ;-) - Jul 01 2006