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Tony Grisier

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by wulax
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May 28 2007
Nice theme. Thanks for the hard work. - May 24 2007
Celtic Cross - Red

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May 05 2007
Nice work. Keep it up! - May 06 2007
God Hears Your Prayers

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May 04 2007
"Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you."

Good advice I shall be taking in regard to this thread. - May 04 2007
And I wasn't claiming that his statement was "material"

He said that religious "material" has no place here and I was making the observation that he must feel that mocking religious people IS appropriate for GNOME-look.

Read the thread before you post. - May 04 2007
I see that while you feel the religious material is not appropriate, mockery of the religious is.

Interesting. - May 04 2007
If it was downloaded then it was appreciated. - May 04 2007
Yes, that is the correct definition.

Now tell me where GNOME-look states that it is a secular site and that religious material in inappropriate. - May 04 2007
How do you know he's not filling a need? MAybe YOU don't have a need for it but I am sure someone else will. And where does it state that GNOME-look is a secular site? I must have missed that somehwere. - May 04 2007
So what the two of you are saying is that nudity on this site(which offends) is alright but inspirational material is not?

Again, if you are truly offended, email the admins and have this content removed, otherwise don't click on the link. - May 04 2007
And neither are wallpapers that have trees and blades of grass, have you protested those as well? - May 04 2007
Then I would think what you should do is contact the admins of this site with your objection rather than offending people with your lack of tolerance for those people who wish to see this sort of content.

- May 04 2007
Why would God have no place in the GPL community? - May 04 2007

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Apr 08 2007
And yet another great wallpaper! Love the color and gradation. - Apr 18 2007

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Apr 17 2007
Grabbed it and am using it. Thanks and keep up the good work! - Apr 18 2007
This would be awesome in green. Not that it's bad now, I just like green. - Apr 17 2007

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Apr 18 2007
Now you're talking. Excellent wallpaper. - Apr 18 2007