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by tfry
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Oct 20 2014
Thanks for the pointer. I've added this to our binaries page: .

Thomas - Oct 25 2012
Still stuck on a KDE 3-based system? We don't let you down. RKWard 0.4.9c, released today, brings you a backport the most important bugfixes and even a few new features from the main development line. See our download page for details (just follow the download button, in the project description, above).

For users with KDE 4 libraries available, we recommend using RKWard 0.5.x. - Mar 18 2010
We always appreciate offers for help!

The best place to coordinate efforts is our mailing list: . What you can help with, depends a lot on your skill-set. In summary:

You can code C/C++? Great! We have all sorts of open tasks. Contact us on the mailing list, with or without specific proposals, and we'll certainly find something for you to work on!

You know some R, and you are not scared off by a bit of light-weight Javascript and XML? Then perhaps the most worth-while task for you is writing plugins for new analyses, plots, or other functionality you're missing. Extensive documentation is at, but you're always more than welcome to ask for help, advice, and support on our mailing list.

Looking for something else to help with? Well, translations are always an important area. See . Last but not least, we really need more and better documentation, both within the application, and outside of it (the wiki). Once again, our mailing list is the best place to coordinate and discuss.

Thomas - Feb 21 2010
We would love to, but need someone with basic knowledge of opensuse packaging, and of course a running opensuse system.

If you - or anybody else reading this - meets these two requirements, we'll be happy to talk you through any problems/the details on . - Feb 21 2010
Development has been very slow during the past months due to the limited number of developers and their real-life obligations. If you feel you can help in any way, please contact us on the mailing list.

BTW, yes, there is very little documentation, and yes, that's just one of many things even non-programmers can help with. - Mar 30 2009
Unfortunately, contrary to our expectations of last week, RKWard 0.3.5 will not work with R 2.3.0 at all. If you are using R 2.3.0 (released yesterday), you will have to upgrade to RKWard 0.3.6.

Moreover, even if you have RKWard 0.3.6 installed, when upgrading R from 2.2.x to 2.3.x, you will have to re-compile and re-intall RKWard.

If you have the option, you should first intall R 2.3.0, then compile and install RKWard 0.3.6 to avoid any trouble.

We're very sorry about the inconvenience, but due to some incompatible changes in R, there is nothing we can do about this matter. - Apr 25 2006
If you see the message "Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit" on the console, this is due to a small but grave bug in R. This bug is present only in a few pre-release packages of R 2.3.0, but some of those are floating right now. If you encounter this bug, you will have to either downgrade your version of R, or wait until fixed packages are available for your distribution. If in doubt what to do, ask us for advice on the mailing list ( - Apr 16 2006

Sorry, just noted, you did specify your distribution. On debian the package in question is called r-base-dev.

You will need these options to configure:

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-extra-libs=/usr/lib/R/lib/ --with-extra-includes=/usr/lib/R/include

- Nov 14 2005

You seem to be missing the R include/header files. These should be in a package called r-devel, r-base-devel or something similar (depending on what distribution you have).

If you have those packages installed, but still get the error, make sure you supplied the correct argument --with-extra-includes to configure (as detailed in the INSTALL file). (Note that you'll also have to supply the --with-extra-libs argument. Again, see INSTALL.)

If you still have trouble compiling after that, please ask again.

- Nov 14 2005
If you have previously been running RKWard 0.3.3, you may encounter a problem locating the standard plugins. Please refer to the release announcement on the homepage ( for easy instructions on how to fix this. - Nov 08 2005
One fairly important bug went unnoticed, when preparing the 0.3.3 release. An important file did not get installed, and this will lead to RKWard being unable to find its plugins. Fortunately, this can be worked around by simply installing one additional file. Please visit the homepage ( for information. - Oct 12 2005
> cannot find system Renviron
> Fatal error: unable to open the base package

This a problem while initializing R. The most likely cause - I believe - is that the path of your R installation has changed, but rkward still thinks it knows the correct path.
The easiest way around this would be to delete the old rkward-configuration file, usually located at
Then on the next start you will be prompted about the R_HOME variable (the directory where R stores all its files).

> Could not open file for reading: plugins/description.xml

This seems to be an additional error with rkward not finding some of its files. Make sure you have done a
# make install
But maybe its also due to a bad saved setting, so deleting the old configuration is probably a good thing to do. - Apr 27 2005
Sorry, apparently this issue was not fixed in 0.3.1 after all. See the thread "Another problem" for an easy solution. - Apr 15 2005
Sorry, it took me so long to reply, again.
I thought this problem had been corrected in 0.3.1, but apparently it has snuck back in. Anyway, you can easily fix this in your copy simply by changing line 78 in rkward/plugin/rkplugin.cpp

QString dummy = QFileInfo (QFile (filename)).dirPath () + "/code.php";

QString dummy = QFileInfo (filename).dirPath () + "/code.php";

i.e. removing the QFile (). - Apr 15 2005
(Copying the reply I posted to the thread "Compile error" about):

The problem with "cannot find -lR" is certainly one of the most frequent causes of compilation failure for rkward. It seems some distributions do not ship R with a shared library, but only linked statically, so you may need to get the source package from and build manually.
You will want to try location "" on your system and pass that path to configure (--with-extra-libs=/path/to/
Also see for a discussion about this problem. - Mar 24 2005
The problem with "cannot find -lR" is certainly one of the most frequent causes of compilation failure for rkward. It seems some distributions do not ship R with a shared library, but only linked statically, so you may need to get the source package from and build manually.
You will want to try location "" on your system and pass that path to configure (--with-extra-libs=/path/to/
Also see for a discussion about this problem. - Mar 24 2005
Sorry for the long delay. I have not checked this page for quite some time.
The problem you report has been fixed in the current CVS version. Visit for instructions on retrieving the current CVS-code. Also, a new release is expected soon. - Mar 24 2005
In fact, this matches close to exactly what my motivation was for starting the project. Glad you like it.
Of course it will still take quite some time before rkward will truely "rock". If you like, check to find out, how you can help. - Sep 23 2004
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by mart
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Apr 28 2005
Thanks for your great work. Finally rkward has a nice icon. - May 01 2005

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by tfry
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May 28 2007
Just a quick note, that onde has updated his website. Some of you may have noted that the link to the contributed .deb-package for 0.9.01 did not point to the correct information. Sorry, if you ran into that.
I have now updated the link to point to the directory the .deb is in. In order to visit the accompanying instructions (setting up you sources.list), visit - Apr 04 2005
Hmm - interesting. Are you talking about the left door, or the right one? The left door should open when you get reasonably close (some 20 pixels), the right door should not open at all (that's an exit only).
If this is not, what you're seeing, could you please contact me by mail, so we can try to work out what's going wrong?
Thanks! - Feb 26 2004
Sigmund Freud would have been delighted. Both at me drawing such a thing and at you asking such a question. That same Freud is quoted as saying "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".
In this case, that platform-carrying-column-thingy-drawn-by-a-person-who-can't-really-draw
is just that: a platform-carrying-column-thingy-drawn-by-a-person-who-can't-really-draw.
Anyway - now that some very nice new levels have been added, I'm going to put up some new screenshots soon. - Feb 11 2004
Yes, no development happend during the entire last year, but no, the project is not dead. It's currently slowly coming back to life. Development won't progress quickly (unless some further developers join in), but a new release is to be expected within the next few weeks.
That new release will also include some contributed high-quality graphics. - Jan 19 2004